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My DS is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, dairy and egg whites. His numbers decrease each year, he is 3.5 years old. He goes for the RAST test every year. The milk number is almost 0, but his allergist wants to wait one more year to do the food challenge. (the food is milk) My friend's allergist food challenged her 3 year old with goldfish crackers and came to the conclusion that he could digest baked products since the milk proteins are denatured when heated. I know my child has accidently had baked goods containing eggs and milk and had no reactions. My allergist does not agree with testing anything but milk as he says that is the clearest indication that your child has completely outgrown the allergy. Thoughts?

On Apr 26, 2006

My son was also allergic to dairy and eggs when he was younger. He is now 14. I was not well informed or advised when he was young. He could tolerate milk products when they were cooked. He had them regularly. I did the food challenge on my own! More bad advice. But in the end, he did outgrow the allergy and is now a milk hound. I can't keep up with the amount of milk my sons drink.

I would be anxious for the food challenge since dairy is so commonly outgrown. Can you push to have it done earlier?

By the way, I am also a Patty from NY. I now live in North Carolina. A good friend of mine teaches at the high school in your town.

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On Apr 26, 2006

my son is also alergic to milk along with other things, but we have found he can tollerate some types of dairy. i never thought twice about serving it to him since he dosnt have a reaction to it. (if he has a reaction its usually just diaherea...) he can have it in items like pretzles and breads ... this is going to sound a little stupid, but whats so wrong with serving it to him????

On Apr 27, 2006

My understanding(and I could be wrong) is to totally avoid all food that he tested positive for. I was also told that even though there is no outward sign, there may be alot going on inside. My friends baby had always gotten sick from milk, so she stopped giving it to her. Since her child never showed any reactions to the "cooked or processed" dairy items, my friend gave her the food on a regular basis. Now at 5, she is seeing a GI, apparently the denatured milk protein did some type of damage to her intestines.