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Posted on: Wed, 03/29/2000 - 1:46am
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My son not only has a PA, he is also allergic to dairy and eggs. He is 16 months and hasn't been retested since he was 6 months. The doctor wants me to do a food challenge with dairy. I said I thought it would be wise to have him blood tested first before he ingested dairy. The Dr. stated that this was not needed for dairy and would not be testing him again until he was 3 years old? Before we do the challenge, I would like to know what you think? Any experience with this?

Posted on: Wed, 03/29/2000 - 2:37am
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pWhat was his reaction to milk? /p
pIs this an allergist, or a pediatrician/GP?/p

Posted on: Wed, 03/29/2000 - 3:15am
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pThe doctor is a pediatrician who specializes in food allergies. She has done a lot of work with FAN. His past reaction to dairy was hives and red blotches all over his face and hives on his body where ever he was touched by dairy. We haven't noticed any break outs in a long time from our touching him, but we are also very careful of washing our hands./p

Posted on: Wed, 03/29/2000 - 3:22am
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pI don't know the answer. My son is allergic to milk, but he is anaphylactic and his allergist won't even do another scratch test for milk or eggs because of that./p
pIt sounds like you really like and respect your doctor, so I would tend to agree with her. Especially since your child's reactions weren't that severe. /p
pMaybe somebody else will have a more specific answer for you. Either way, please keep me updated!/p

Posted on: Wed, 03/29/2000 - 5:27am
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pMy daughter is also allergic to milk. She sees Dr. Wood up at Hopkins who is on the FAN board. He would not even think of doing a milk challenge unless the results of her CAP RAST blood test falls below a certain number. This is based on studies that were done that help predict the likelyhood of a reaction./p
pThere is also a lot of evidence out there that says you can't predict how severe a future reaction might be based on a previous one. Does your doctor want you to do this at home or is she going to do it in her office? If you are going to do it at home, do you have Epipens in case there is anaphylaxis?/p
pGood luck with what you decide./p

Posted on: Wed, 03/29/2000 - 6:50pm
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pAll doctors in the U.K. have been advised never to conduct challenge testing outside a hospital. There are enough experiences recorded on this website to cause great caution in considering challenge /
My daughter is going into hospital tomorrow for a challenge test, but that has only been agreed because she had a result of not more than 200 on the rast test.Keep your fingers crossed for us./p

Posted on: Thu, 03/30/2000 - 5:13am
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pMaggie, Good luck with the challenge. I hope all goes well. Thank you to everyone who responded. This food challenge makes me nervous. On top of having the pa, dairy, and egg allergies, my son has asthma, which only makes the condition for severe reaction worse./p

Posted on: Thu, 03/30/2000 - 7:28pm
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pBest of luck with the hospitalbr /
Catherinebr /
B]All doctors in the U.K. have been advised never to conduct challenge testing outside a hospital. There are enough experiences recorded on this website to cause great caution in considering challenge /
My daughter is going into hospital tomorrow for a challenge test, but that has only been agreed because she had a result of not more than 200 on the rast test.Keep your fingers crossed for us.[/B][/quote]/p

Posted on: Sat, 09/28/2002 - 4:15am
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Shirley-It is worth knowing for sure if she is allergic. Your life will be much easier if she is not! If her risk of reaction is very low, the test is probably safe. Your allergist must be prepared to recognize and treat full-blown anaphylaxis. The safest place to do the challenge is in a hospital setting. Be sure that they give tiny and gradually increasing amounts during the test. My daughter's blood test for peanut was negative, so her risk of reaction was considered very low. They gave her, at age 4, about 1/8 teaspoon of peanut butter and nothing happened. They waited 15 minutes and gave her ONE FULL TEASPOON of pb, which was WAY TOO MUCH. She almost DIED. She required five epinephrine injections to save her life. We were in the allergist's office for ten hours. Please be careful and good luck!

Posted on: Sat, 09/28/2002 - 4:29am
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BS312 your response sent shivers down my spine, this is our greatest fear that something like this would happen.
I don't think our allergist would do that though, anyways I sure as hell won't let her.
Hope to get more responses

Posted on: Sat, 09/28/2002 - 5:26am
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IMO, I would probably wait until she was older. First, because now it is recommended to hold off on giving PB until 4 or 5 yrs old in families with allergies. And second, it would give additional time for her to outgrow, if not completely there. If test remained neg. in a year or two, then I would proceed.
But, if you do the challenge now, and she is negative, this would allow her and your family so much freedom and much less worry.
Good luck with whatever you do!


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