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Food allergy study

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Hello: My name is Kathy Flament. I’m recruiting adults 45 - 50 for a study about food allergies.

The study takes place online using a bulletin board where participants respond to a moderator’s questions and then comment on and each others’ posts. The forum will take place June 8th - 10th. You should expect to log on and spend an average of 15 minutes each day answering questions.

All patients must have sought urgent care because of food allergies in the last 2 - 5 years, have high-speed internet and participate in online communities such as facebook, myspace, linkedin, twitter or any other similarly formatted ones.

The goals of the study are to understand: • Affect of food allergies on quality of life • Process of diagnosis of severe allergies • Decision-making process re treatment(s) • Awareness pharmaceuticals • Efficacy/preference/combinations • Reaction to target pharmaceutical

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