food allergy recipes


Hi, I'm a mom with kids with multiple severe food allergies. I'm thinking about writing a kosher for passover cookbook with wheatfree, eggfree, nut/peanut free, and fish free recipes. Does anyone else think this would be helpful?

On Feb 19, 2004

Hi! I think that is a great idea! Would you consider some milk free and sesame free recipes as well?

I wish I could get a cookbook that includes making combination spice mixes - any room for a chapter there?

Warm wishes & success on your book. [img][/img]

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On Feb 19, 2004

Thanks for your encouragement. I'll keep you posted on the book. Yes, I will make it dairy free too! What do you mean by spice mixes?

On Feb 19, 2004

I would love to find recipes that help me make home made dry mixes that are typically found in smaller pouches (i.e. taco mixes, home made shake & bake - a dry coating for chicken that actually tastes good, but mine certainly doesn't)- I know it's a combo of various spices & crumbs,but I'm useless at knowing which spices to use less of and which to use more of.

I do find myself trusting a particular spice company when it comes to single jarred contents (i.e. salt, garlic salt, onion powder), but when they get all fancy with jars or pouches of combo spices & flavourings together, (like a dry taco mix pouch or a shake & bake for meat) my comfort zone bottoms out. When I see "flavourings" and "other spices" in the ingredient line -I just can't bring myself to buy the dry combination of mixes. We, in our family, have to even consider that wording such as "smoke" on a label is coming from hickory wood more often than not - and my dd is allergic to hickory so I don't want to risk gambling on wording such as "smoke", "other flavourings", etc.

Here's hoping you launch a great cookbook! Cheers, [img][/img]