food allergies/at Disneyland?


Help! We are going to Disneyland with a child who has a life threatening allergy to peanuts -- along with non life threatening, but serious allergies to dairy, eggs, shellfish. Does anyone know how to get in touch with Disneyland food service in advance of trip? Has anyone been to Disneyland with food allergic children? I have been unsuccessful in web search of Disneyland food service and need advice. Thanks!

On Oct 4, 1999

I can't help you specifically with Disneyland; however, we went to DisneyWorld in May and had a very easy time of it allergy-wise. My son is allergic to eggs and peanuts. The peanuts were extremely easy to avoid--99% of the restaurants do not use any peanut products. The eggs were a little bit harder to deal with; however, we had no problem getting the chefs to make us egg-free dishes.

Your best bet is to call information and ask for the phone number to Disney's corporate offices in California. From there, you should have no problem finding someone in charge of food services. This is what I had to do for Disney World. Christine

On Oct 4, 1999

In February of this year, I spoke to Mark Doi at Disneyland (I don't remember his title) - He was very helpful and faxed several restaurant ingredient lists. His Phone is (714) 781 - 4484 and Fax (714) 781 - 3535. They really do seem to want to make your stay comfortable (SAFE!) at Disneyland.

By francisdiane on Oct 9, 2012

We’ve been to Disneyland with my kid who’s allergic in peanuts and eggs. My friend took us to restaurant that don’t serve peanuts and eggs, I just can’t pinpoint what was the exact name of the restaurant but I can’t forget that we use discount disneyland hopper passes as we get into the place. Don’t worry for I will contact my friend and try to ask her what where did she brought us. When you will be going to Disneyland?

By DawnC on Jan 11, 2013

Went to disney wth our severe peanut also inhalation allergy 10 year old all restuarants and food stands had allergy information it truly is a magical place and they treated him like a king in thevrestuants only the chef handled his food enjoy your trip!