Food allergies and behavior

Posted on: Wed, 11/10/2004 - 1:45pm
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Found this link while searching for someone else. Thought it was quite interesting since many members here have children diagnosed with ADHD.


The Problems at School
The school profile of children with delayed pattern food allergies, involves a typical set of learning and behavioral problems. Teachers observe inattention, fluctuating performance, restlessness, distractibility, or aggressive behaviors, or remark on the quiet, withdrawn, disinterested nature of the child. Often the child is criticized for laziness or attention seeking, or the parents are blamed for undisciplined behavior. Psychological evaluation often reveals average to above-average intelligence with attention deficits. Some will appear clumsy, with awkward handwriting which varies from day to day, often appearing disorganized or tremulous. The more seriously afflicted children will fail to learn properly and will require assessment for learning disability and some form of remediation. If the behavioral aberrance is marked, they may be referred to school psychologists or psychiatrists. Difficulties in learning language skills top the list of learning problems and the diagnosis of dyslexia is often made. The irritable, restless child is considered "hyperactive" and may be disruptive in the classroom.

These children display quick mood shifts, tearfulness, aggressive behavior, and may, on occasion, be antisocial and violent. The symptoms of depression and hyperactivity may co-exist, alternate, or appear separately. Disruptive behavior in the classroom may be associated with refusal to follow instructions, trouble with classmates, and aggressive, sometimes violent behavior in the school yard. The failure-complex has life-long implications, as the child's personality forms around the dysfunctional patterns. With persisting illness and failure, low self esteem, social maladaptation, and antisocial behaviors develop and may be the presenting problems. Unpleasant, oppositional behavior in the younger child grows into delinquent patterns in early adolescence, and, later, antisocial or criminal behavior, if uncorrected.

(Not saying whether this is accurate or not, but worth thinking about)

Posted on: Thu, 11/11/2004 - 1:42am
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well i ive heard people have found links between Allergys and Dyspraxia/Aspergers
Is this any help?
webmaster of [url=""][/url]

Posted on: Thu, 11/11/2004 - 3:32am
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So.... are we saying that food allergies are causing behavior issues in our children? I am curious as to how many here with school- age children are seeing these patterns? Should I be worried?

Posted on: Thu, 11/11/2004 - 4:02am
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My peanut and milk allergic daughter is 9 1/2. I don`t see any of those behaviors in her.

Posted on: Thu, 11/11/2004 - 4:45am
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Just wanted to note, I found this info for someone else, not myself.

Posted on: Thu, 11/11/2004 - 4:46am
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I truly believe that food allergies play a part in a child's behavior. A relative of ours, whose child has multiple food allergies, use to have a lot of behavior problems with him. When they finally found out everything he was allregic to and changed his diet, he was like a new kid.

Posted on: Thu, 11/11/2004 - 8:28am
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Anonymous (not verified)

momma2boys, you poor woman, feeling that you had to clarify that you found this looking for someone else, not yourself (it was me you were looking for, thank-you [img][/img] )
I wonder if a psychologist brought in by the school would even think to consider my son's PA when doing the assessment.
I mean, is it even more specialized where you can find a behavioural pediatrician that deals with children with food allergies as a speciality?
I smell dinner burning, but this is very interesting and you know what, I would love PA to be one of the reasons to explain what is going on. That probably sounds weird or horrid, but if it's PA related, even remotely, and not a totally separate thing to deal with, I do think it might be easier to deal with.
(I think I've asked the question before here - how many PA children with the ADHD diagnosis as well - I'll try to check later).
Best wishes! [img][/img]

Posted on: Thu, 11/11/2004 - 9:18am
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Anonymous (not verified)

Best wishes! [img][/img]

Posted on: Thu, 11/11/2004 - 9:34am
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Actually I didn't feel I needed to clarify this was for you, it was just that people were asking me questions about it that I couldn't answer. It's not like I was embarassed that people thought it was me!

Posted on: Thu, 11/11/2004 - 9:40am
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Many years ago I went to a seminar at a school for LD kids, and they did mention that a disproportionate number of their students had food allergies. They stopped short of saying that one caused the other, but did seem to think it was worth mentioning.

Posted on: Fri, 11/12/2004 - 12:35am
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This is not to say that food allergy and behavior are not at all related but when I clicked on that link, it gave a further link to "Type III pattern food allergy". I clicked on that and scrolled down for it to say that everyone has some level of food allergy and that it can be reversed if you buy their Allergy Rescue Pack for $74.00.
I wouldn't trust anything from a source that is trying to profit from people looking for answers.


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