Food Allergen Awareness Table At Community Fair

Posted on: Wed, 02/06/2002 - 9:42am
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Here's an idea I'd like to share with all of you regarding educating others about food allergies. Our school district is hosting its annual "Vail Pride Day" at our newly built high school. They were looking for volunteers for various planned events. I had the idea to create a "Food Allergen Awareness Table/Booth" and have gotten permission from the district to do so.

(It will be held on March 8, 2002. If anyone is in the Tucson or Vail, Arizona area and wishes to assist at this table at Cienega High School, please send me an e-mail. I will be manning this table from 3:00 until 9:30 p.m.)

I have received a great response from FAAN (Events Coordinator Meghan Noone [url=""][/url] the Food Allergy Initiative (Administrative Director Amie Rappoport [url=""][/url] supporting this opportunity to get the word out. They are sending me a number of "supplies" to use (brochures, hand-outs, school programs, etc.) along with some items that I will make copies of to distribute. FAAN is even letting me borrow one of their official table cloths and providing balloons.

Chris, do you have anything that you can send to me to promote PeanutAllergy.Com? We expect over 1,000 people to attend and I am hoping to realistically encounter about 500 persons to this table.

I have also been speaking to restaurants and food establishments (local and during travel times) in promoting food allergy awareness using information provided by the Food Allergy Initiative. Currently I am trying to coordinate a listing of culinary schools to be targeted at the "root" of food prep training. The Food Allergy Initiative is also trying to pursue getting cities/states to require food allergy awareness training as a requirement for certification or licenses.

If you feel you can make a difference in these areas in your location, please contact FAAN or FAI. And please continue to support (verbally and financially) and be involved with PeanutAllergy.Com ~ we are making so much progress!

Stay Safe,

Posted on: Fri, 03/15/2002 - 5:21am
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I wanted to take a minute to give you a brief report on the impact that the
Food Allergy Awareness table had at the Vail Pride Day Celebration.
I was able to speak with many, many people who visited our table -- parents,
grandparents, children and teachers from Tucson, other areas of the U.S. and
as far away as England. I guess what amazed me the most was the amount of
persons I encountered who either currently had children or other family
members with food allergies or suspected that these members had food
allergies. (Many of whom were not doing much to be proactive in the care of
these family members.) So many times people would tell me about symptoms or
show me rashes that their children had presently, assuming it was due to
something they ate. At times I started to feel like a "doctor-on-call".
Not to fear, however, I did NOT diagnose anyone, but was able to provide
each person with not only verbal information, but some of the various
resources from PA.Com, FAAN & FAI and various other
sources and media which I printed that I felt would be of benefit.
Many people were curious as to how and where to have their children tested.
So many parents had no idea of the impact food allergies could have on their
children's lives -- so many were taking the risk of not confirming their
fears; others knew nothing about the Epi-Pen (I made a display with an Epi
trainer to show to interested parties).
FAI's brochure "When Is An Allergy Life Threatening" was met with extremely
favorable response. I even had some questions on the Restaurant Training
Program which I had on display. Some took information on "The Peanut Butter
Jam" and "Parent's Guide to Food Allergies" after reviewing the sample books
provided by FAI. The FAAN posters, balloons and tablecloth made for a
professional display. PeanutAllergy.Com's Home Page & List of Discussion Boards
and a color brochure I displayed from the Vermont Nut-Free Co. were also great
resources for discussion.
Many looked forward to joining PeanutAllergy.Com, FAAN and FAI and supporting our
efforts. The fact that there is so much information available through these resources
was a comfort to many.
I spoke with teachers who were frustrated by the lack of action being taken
by the parents of children within their classrooms with confirmed peanut or
other food allergies. I provided these teachers with the PAL program and
information on obtaining the FAAN school program. I told them to meet with
the parents and discuss their concerns and responsibility towards these
children and about potential 504 Plans. AND, Yes!...I spoke with parents and their
frustrations with teachers and some ideas to resolve these issues.
I made a sheet for people interested in more information on food allergies
to sign so that they could be contacted further by PA.Com, FAAN & FAI.
If I helped just one child, it was a great success.
Stay Safe,
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Posted on: Fri, 03/15/2002 - 10:14am
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You are fantastic! Way to go.
Sue in Sunny Arizona

Posted on: Fri, 03/15/2002 - 11:22am
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Great job, Fran!! Thanks for the wonderful idea.

Posted on: Sat, 03/16/2002 - 2:31am
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Just knowing that I am able to do something to help our children makes it all worthwhile. (It is my life's devotion, I am very sure you can relate.) AND...please know how very, very much I appreciate all of YOU and think that YOU are all fantastic, as well!
Stay Safe,

Posted on: Sat, 03/16/2002 - 11:11pm
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Way to go. Great Job. Glad it turned out so well. Just think of how much information you were able to share.

Posted on: Tue, 04/16/2002 - 9:47am
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For those of you who are members of FAAN (The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network) and have children that receive the FANKids Newsletter, thought I'd share this e-mail I just received from them.
Original E-Mail Message:
Hi, Ms. Stevens,
Meghan Noone (FAAN Events Coordinator)passed along a couple photos of you and your daughter, Jamie, at your food allergy information table. I'd like to run your picture in the next FANkids newsletter, with your permission. Can you tell a little bit
about the event and provide some background information about Jamie (what she's allergic to, her interests, etc.)?
Traci Tavares
Media Communications Manager
The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network
Needless to say, Jamie and I gave our permission...So keep your eye out for this to appear in an upcoming FANKids newsletter. Perhaps someone else will also host an event like this and spread the word even more. "Until there's a cure, education is the key."
Stay Safe,

Posted on: Thu, 06/27/2002 - 12:11pm
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Bumping this up for Lauren's mom [img][/img]

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