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Hi guys! It's me posting about food questions...again!

Keegan is almost 16 months old and we're dealing with peanut allergy only, however he gets hives from peas, so we avoid peas and green beans. He's never reacted from soy. So, what kind of cheese do you all use? Is Kraft singles okay? I once read that someone's child eats Bagel Bites. Are these safe? And Dominoes Pizza is safe? What about soup? Crackers? Which brands?? I really need to feed my child more food because he's a stick! Its hard for me to cook homeade meals because I also have a 2 month old! Thanks! Julie

On Oct 6, 2006

Can't answer all the questions... but Dare crackers are produced in a nut free plant (says on the box and I confirmed).


On Oct 6, 2006

Hi Julie, If you use the search feature here on, you can enter key words and search specifically in the FOOD MANUFACTURERS, Safe & Unsafe, or the RESTAURANT forum. If you enter 'Dominoes' you'll find all the posts where Dominoes is mentioned.

I'm an adult with PA and I often use this to find out information on a specific food so that I don't have to call the manufacturer myself. Make sure that the information you find is current and it is suggested that you DO call the manufacturer to double-check.

When I was first diagnosed, I kept an eye on the posts in the MANUFACTURERS forum and made notes. It made grocery shopping SO much easier!

Now when buying processed food, I stick to certain manufacturers with good reputations for safe manufacturing and labeling. (such as General Mills, etc).

I'm not trying to discourage you from asking questions - which we are all happy to answer. But the answer may already be here on and you don't have to wait for someone to reply.

I hope this helps. Adele

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On Oct 6, 2006

Trying to recall what was on our son's diet list when he was 18 months or so -- he is for sure PA, had/has issues with green peas & some green beans, possible TNA, so we are a ZERO peanut & tree nut household, including traces & may contains (or so we think).

Please understand that these are foods that are within our "Safety" or "Comfort" zone & some folks here may not use these brands depending on their experiences and allergic conditions. ALWAYS READ THE INGREDIENTS EVERY TIME! Call the manufacturer if you are unsure.

Yogurt -- we prefer Yoplait, not the kind with artificial sweetener.

Cheese -- Though I used single slices occasionally (preferred Borden American slices, not individually wrapped) we usually bought bricks of cheeses & I always cut long, thin strips for him to pick up & eat. Called them "cheese sticks" & he still requests those at age 7 1/2! Try MILD cheddar -- I do use Kraft for this, whole milk mozzarella (Polly-O is yummy).

Whole Milk -- at every meal & snack.

Cream Cheese -- on bread or bagels

Crackers -- Premium Saltines, reg & whole grain; Gold Fish -- Pepp Farm plain/original flavor

Soups -- I am comfortable with Campbell's and Progresso, can make many with milk instead of water to pump up calories

Bagels -- my brain is recalling Lender's, but you will need to dbl ck ingredients

Mashed Potatoes -- Make a batch using Yukon Gold potatoes. They don't have to be perfectly lump-free. Use this as a base for stewed, fine chopped-meats to be added into or steamed veggies, like carrots. OR you can pour in jarred baby food veggies like carrots, if you don't have time to cook your own veggies.

Pancakes -- learn to make this one thing from scratch & kids will love you forever! Our son ate these with only butter up until he was 5+. When we added syrup, we went with Log Cabin standard.

Scrambled eggs or hard-boiled eggs with salt & pepper.

Spaghetti & sauce -- I make my own in huge batches & freeze, but you can rely on some store brands for quick meals. I break up the hard noodles prior to cooking so there's less cutting of bites for little kiddo -- especially hard when you are operating one-armed holding baby! [img][/img]

Pizza -- Papa John's. Softer crust than Dominoes. (And Dominoes can have some other allergy issues.)

Cottage cheese -- with salt & pepper

Biscuits -- Another food to make in huge batches & freeze. I've made potato-based & sweet-potato based versions. So awesome to be able to pull out a biscuit from the freezer, stick it in diaper bag & be able to hand it to kid in desperation in carseat.

Fruit -- anything & everything, cut into safe bites. Raisins only if not processed on shared lines with peanuts & nuts.

Casseroles -- check out the recipes section of this board for casseroles, one-pot meals, and stuff you can make in big batches & freeze.

You are only a few months from having "2 eaters" rather than 1 eater & 1 drinker. It will go by in a blink.

Hope something here helped.

Seems like only yesterday when my 5 & 7 year-olds were so young . . .


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On Oct 6, 2006

Tyson fun nuggets- list veg oil but I have called and they do not use any peanut oil or TN- you should call also to double check. I agree with most of the items by ajas folks- we use aunt jemima light syrup- once had questionable log cabin rxn? We make our pancakes from scratch also. We use kraft for block cheeses, sargento for slices. We stick to hard less processed cheese- not american due to past undefined "lecithins" but labeling is better as of 2006. Good luck-

On Oct 6, 2006

I agree with previous responses that you should always check every label before you buy, and calling manufacturers to make sure they always say "shared equipment" or "facility that also has peanuts" if that is the case.

But we have had good luck with Keebler cookies, plain Oreos, whole grain fig newtons, Pepperidge Farm products, Yoplait, Breyers ice cream, Brownberry double fiber whole wheat bread, pre-sliced and pre-packaged deli meats, shredded cheese from Kraft and Sargento, velveeta slices, Campbell's and Progresso soups, Jack's and DiGiorno frozen pizza, Eggo waffles, Toaster Streudel pillsbury, Pop-tarts, Dominos and Pizza Hut have been safe for us.

Throw in some fresh fruit and that's what our son eats every day.

Hope that helps you get started on where to look.

On Oct 6, 2006

Thank you for all the replies! I thought I read somewhere that we need to be careful with deli meats. Which ones are safe? Should I actually go to the deli counter or get prepackaged meats? I'd like for him to try turkey and ham.

Thanks for the input on searching. I do search alot and I always find really old posts, like from 1999 or 2000. I then ask because I'd like some newer answers!