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Posted on: Tue, 04/27/1999 - 8:54am
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Just got back from taking dd to have her ears rechecked. I cancelled my phone appointment with the lead ped and decided to just have her recheck dd's ears and talk to her then. I was quite nervous about complaining about one of her peds, but it turned out she totally agreed with everything I said! She even mentioned me writing a letter to the member services department of our HMO. She talked with me for a good thirty minutes and was EXTREMELY knowledgable. She said she was going to talk with all the peds about our experience (bad advice, nonchalant attitude, and slow referral to an allergist). Anyway, I immediately came home and switched to her as my dd's primary ped (it's only about the millionth time I've switched!). I'm so happy I found a ped who understands the seriousness of this allergy, it seems alot on here are having trouble with this...We go next week for allergy tests. I don't know what type they will be doing. Does anyone have any tips?

Posted on: Tue, 04/27/1999 - 9:57am
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When I was at the Food Allergy Network conference in Baltimore, Dr. Robert Wood said the CAP-RAST test was a better indicator of an allergy than the RAST or skin test.
I'm interested in any information about this.

Posted on: Tue, 04/27/1999 - 11:21am
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Hurrah! I'm so glad that you found a good ped! I don't know about which test is most accurate. My only advice for the visit is to try to get another adult to go so that you can concentrate when you ask the doctor questions. You've probably already seen the questions to ask the allergist post, but if no,t it is helpful to look at that before you go.
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