flying with the epi


has anyone encountered any trouble with bringing the epi-pen onto an airplane? we fly out on thursday and this will be our first flight since we started carrying the pens for both of our allergic children.

maybe i'll get a doctor's note...

On Aug 12, 2008

I did get a dr note for the Epis, and DS's eczema medications since they were over the 3oz limit. I also put the carton with the prescription label in my carry on too. I never once was asked about it though and had no issues whatsoever. Have a safe trip!

On Aug 12, 2008

I haven't had any trouble either I put all (4) epi's in a gallon zip with the prescription labeled boxes a dr's letter and a bunch of those single benedryls. and last time flying w/o my son I had one in my purse and just threw it in the bin they didn't even ask about it.

On Aug 12, 2008

We just returned from Florida. Never got questioned about the Epi's or benadryl. But, just to be safe, we had a doctors note. You do, however, have to have them in their original box with the prescription label on it. (the airline told me to do that). I also called the airline the day before our trip and had them put a note on his reservation about his allergy so no one was surprised that we had the medication. good luck.

On Aug 12, 2008

thank you all. i'll have to see what i can do about the boxes. we have so many epi boxes, we tore them down and just kept the prescription label...

i'll have a doctor's note ready if i should need it.

thanks again.

On Aug 12, 2008

We just flew Jetblue last week. We took 3 epipens. When I called the airline she just suggested I put my epipens and bendaryl fast spoons in a ziploc bag so they are easy to see & access. We had no problems. They were all labeled. I had a doctor's note just in case(because it explained what to do in case of emergency)but they never questioned me. Good luck Deb

By sidni on Aug 18, 2009

I have flown many times with epi-pens and twinjects, as well as Benadryl, and several other anti-histamines. I have never carried a doctor's note, even abroad. I do stop at the pharmacy to get them to reprint the prescriptions for me-- they'll usually print a sticker like what goes on the box, and I just stick it on the exterior of the epi-pen, and throw them all in a zip-lock. I bring unopened bottles of benadryl tablets, or the singles, in the original box.

Only once was I asked to show the label, and that was the same day they threw away my powdered eyeshadow saying repeatedly, "Liquid. Liiquiidd. LIQUID." very professional. PS Not liquid!