Flying with a child with severe PA

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Hi! My son, who is 5 has a severe PA (anaphylaxis). We will be traveling internationally soon. The airline does not serve peanuts on the flight but also doesn't provide a buffer zone. Can anyone give me some advice or suggestions for a safe flight for my son? -Anxious Mom

By Ivanyalessa on Mar 10, 2015

Hi! I know it can be challenging and scary to travel with your son due to his allergy. As a PA mom of a 12 year old I totally understand. My son's allergy was found when he was only 3. When he was this small, even the smell of peanut butter will make him sick. I started communicating with his pediatrician and allergist more to stay up to day with this. I can tell you that it is safe to travel with your son. We travel almost twice a year (every year) airplane or cruise and Never, ever had a problem. I wipe his seat (now he does it himself) and when he was small we used to seat him between us. As long as he doesn't touch anything or consume anything he is fine. Try to buy something to eat @ the airport from a restaurant that you know doesn't serve peanuts for him to eat and don't forget to pack the flight!

By carmen22 on Mar 10, 2015

bring him many individually wrapped wipes to use every time he eats and also a disposable mask to use in case someone near eats peanuts , ask to board before others to clean your area and leave food and medicines on hand in an easy to reach bag , bring diaposable placemats to use when he eats , safe trip