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Does anyone have any tips on flying? What airline is the best? Or is this a crazy idea?

On Sep 29, 2008

we flew aa last summer, no worries here. took own food, took meds with us. fine, relax ....................inflight film terribly boring though.....................

On Sep 29, 2008

We just went to Disney last week and had no problems. We flew Southwest Airlines and they were extremely accommodating. We were allowed to board first, given time to wipe down seats, and we sat in the very front. The attendants gave us the "snacks" first to allow us to read labels and make sure the kids could be around it.(We still ate our own snacks but the gesture was very appreciated!) The attendant serving drinks even used hand sanitizer and gloves before handling our boys drinks! They also made an announcement asking everyone to protect the little boys in the front of the plane by saving their nutty snacks for the airport! Wonderful experience!!!!!!

On Oct 2, 2008

Ihave flown several times with PA child. I have them entered it into the record, tell the ground crew, board early. bing your own food. same as previous posters.. It think it depends onthe flight crew you have... I have flown Delta and they were pretty good. but other say they are not. I have flown US air and they let us board early but said that they would not make an announcemnet. they served pretzels that were made inthe same facility ( I would not let my DS eat it) but I am ok if they serve pretzels.

Jet blue and was great... so I really think it depends on the crew.

On Oct 5, 2008

Hi, I just flew American and had a first ever problem with them. They're selling a snack pack that has full shelled peanuts in it. I had hives all over my arms and legs for 2 days after I got home. I admit I hadn't worried about it and didn't do my best to "clear the flight" as I have with airlines that are known to sometimes serve peanuts. United is the only clear one I know of at the moment! I also like Frontier, but they have a nut snack for sale, too. It's not the free stuff they're handing out, but the packs for sale that are adding the problem back! I've heard Frontier is awesome about not selling that pack if you announce an allergy. Go for United or Frontier and announce your allergy every time you talk with someone at the airport!