flying to Calgary


My DH and I are taking a trip without kids! Any suggestions on were I can go while he is in meetings. We are going the third week in August.

------------------ Karalot

On Jun 10, 2004

Wow Karen, hope you have an awesome time. Last time we went to Calgary for a week in the summer we went to some of the following:

1 - one day at Drumheller. This is the dinosaur badlands and is about an hour out of Calgary. It has the dinosaur museum and is very cool.

2 - Calaway Park - this is an amusement park - kind of like a more kids friendly Canada's Wonderland. If you're on your own you may not want to bother. It's on the highway on the way to Banff

3 - Canada Olympic park. Also on the highway on the way to Banff. You can ride up the chairlift, visit the Jamaican Bobsled and get a great view

4 - Calgary Science Centre - downtown and it always has some pretty cool exhibits as well as a movie

5 - Heritage Park - cool historical town, you can ride on the steamboat, visit with people dressed up according to the period and there are special events all summer. It is on 14 Street, I believe.

6 - Unfortunately there is no tournament in August this year, but you can go out to Spruce Meadows and visit the horse barns and watch people exercising their horses, etc

7 - The Glenbow museum is downtown and usually interesting to visit

8 - For a day of shopping head to the Chinook Centre (remember you don't pay provincial sales tax in Calgary). Chinook has everything - including a carousel and really comfy couches to sit and rest on!

9 - Head down to Prince's Island Park downtown for Shakespeare in the Park (it will be either Julius Caesar or The Taming of the Shrew if you go in the evening) but if you go in the daytime you can catch the lunchbox theatre. The park is nice to visit and you can head over the bridge to the Eau Claire market - a big indoor market with an outdoor wading pool/fountain and nice landscaping

Check out the list of festivals at:


It looks like you will be there for part of globalfest - but the international fireworks competitions don't start until Aug 21 and you may be gone by then.

Anyway - have a great time! And if you want a snack, there is a great little peanut free bakery on 90th Ave....

take care


On Jun 11, 2004

Thanks DebO, I think I will just print your post and take it with me! We are staying at the Travellodge near the airport. Do you know if this hotel is OK? It was much cheaper than the one the convention people suggested. Thanks again for all your help, I will check out the web sight tonight when I have more time. ( I am getting ready for company and procrastinating about cleaning my house. I

------------------ Karalot

On Aug 23, 2004

Just got back from our trip. I went to Drumhellar on a bus tour since my husband was in meetings all day. I also took 1/2 a day at the Canadian Olympic Park. I even tried the luge and skeleton ride!!! I purchased an Athens Olympic pin for my son who thinks I am now the best mom! He wants to be an Olympic Gymnast in 2012. We saw a Rodeo which was really cool! The only down side was on the plane. The lady sitting next to my husband (we had the isle between us) had a big bag of peanuts! The kids survived with their four grandparents.

------------------ Karalot

On Aug 30, 2004

Hi Karen

Glad you had such a good trip - I always enjoy heading to Calgary! What airline were you on?

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On Aug 30, 2004

We were on Canadian.

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