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Flushing red cheek - reaction or not?

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Hello, My 3 yo DS gets red cheeks a lot - from being hot... so its hard to tell if red cheeks are a sign of some reaction or not. We were at my in-laws and he didn't eat anything that I did not approve of (my m-i-l saved labels for me to read), but after a couple hours of being there - one cheek just lit up like Rudolf's nose. It is still red after 5 hours. His other cheek got a little red, but not like the first red one. I gave benadryl after watching him for a little while, but it did not make a difference at all. He isn't having any coughing, resp symptoms, hives etc. just a really red cheek (and slightly red other cheek and chin). I gave zytec before going over there because she has dogs, and DS is just a little bit allergic to dogs (we have one and he doesn't have a problem with our dog).

I am going to continue dosing Benadryl through the night even though if it was day time I probably wouldn't. This red cheek thing happens occasionally and I just don't know if I should be worried or not. It doesn't look like eczema, but it could be a little chapped (its not cold here though). It just seems strange to me that it came out of nowhere and here I am worrying in the middle of the night... and have to be at work for a 12 hour shift in 7 hours.

So, does anyone else have experience with flushing red cheeks that last for awhile with no apparent cause? Thanks so much! Andrea

On Feb 13, 2006

My son (PA, TNA, EA) also gets red/flushed cheeks, mainly his right cheek. It always seems to happen in the exact same area, the skin seems to be dry even though I am constantly putting lotion on it. I am always afraid that it is from something he ate but there is never any consistency in the redness and the food he eats. Sometimes the redness will last all day, sometimes an hour. I have asked both our primary doctor and the allergist and neither of them can say for sure if it is just skin irritation or an allergic reaction-leaning more towards skin irritation since there is no consistency to the foods he eats. I am wondering if it could be eczema? Has anyone tried using Cortisone cream on it? I would really be interested it also if there are others out there with any insight into this problem!

On Feb 13, 2006

This happens to my son frequently. Sometimes he is hot from playing, sometimes we can't figure out what may have caused it. If he does not have any other allergy symptoms we just let it be and keep an eye on him. His cheeks seem to get very red when we are out in the cold, much more so than his older brother.

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On Feb 13, 2006

Thanks for your answers. I take my DS to the allergist on March 3rd and I am going to run this by him. I will let you know if I find out anything. BTW, I gave DS Benadryl all night and he woke up without a red cheek... who knows why it happened? If it was my nonPA son, I wouldn't have thought twice about it, but with a PA son I worry myself sick and then can't sleep. I wish when they had a reaction - it would blink "reaction" on their forehead. This guessing game can be quite warying. Andrea

On Feb 14, 2006

There are so many things that cause red cheeks. Too hot. Too cold. Fever. Just leaning the cheek on one hand will do it. Another thing to think about is Fifth Disease. The most prominent symptom is a red cheek, as if the child was slapped in the face. It is usually not serious (unless pregnant, HIV positive, etc.), and sometimes no one even knows the child is sick. Itis only contagious before the rash appears.

On Feb 14, 2006

Andrea: I posted a similar topic a few months ago. [url="http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/Forum1/HTML/006986.html"]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/Forum1/HTML/006986.html[/url] I have chalked it up to being hot. It happens the most at my mom's house which is warmer than other places he goes. Can't pinpoint it to anything else.

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On Feb 14, 2006

My son got red cheeks when he was little too. When he ate something that he was allergic to, his cheeks would go red, like milk, cheese or spagetti sauce, especially tomatoes. Over the years it went away because he became less sensitive to these foods.

It also could be that he has sensitive skin and becomes red when it is windy out.Like a wind burn.

Check it out again when he goes to the same place and see if it happens again.

My cheeks go RED!! when I drink alchohol, and they get very warm. Especially when I have beer. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/frown.gif[/img]