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Does anyone know where you can find Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy by Tootsie? I understand it is safe for PA and can't find it anywhere. The Tootsie website does not seem to have a way to contact them. Any suggestions?

On Oct 6, 2003

I have seen it recently, and cannot recall where(maybe KMart) and I noted it is now made by Charms. I do not think it would change the safety, because I think Charms stuff is safe and I would imagine they just bought it but the rest is the same. Might want to look into it though. We just happen never to have wanted to try it. becca

On Oct 6, 2003

I always see it at Hollywood Video when we rent movies. It comes in a blue bag. Sometimes you can find it hanging on the end of isles or at the check out stand at the grocery or walmart.

On Oct 7, 2003

Thanks for the info! All the K-marts around here have been closed. I'll have to look for a hollywood video.

On Oct 7, 2003

I have found it in Roger's Video and Canada's Wonderland and Zellers.

On Oct 8, 2003

I contacted Charms back in August. They claim Fluffy Stuff cotton candy is safe along with the rest of the products made by Tootsie company. They sent me a list of all of their peanut-free products (See below). My son has eaten Fluffy Stuff cotton candy with no problems. I hope this helps.


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On Oct 11, 2003

I don't know where you live, but we have a walgreens and I've bought fluffy stuff from them. Once in a while walmart has it too.


On Feb 22, 2005

Does anyone know if the charm cotton candy is still safe?