Flu shot / Egg Allergy


Since my DS was a preemie, my Dr. is recommending a flu shot for him. However, he is allergic to peanuts/nuts, eggs, chicken and turkey. Has anyone w/ allergies had any experience w/ if the flu shot is safe or not w/ these allergies...especially eggs?

Thanks! Robin

On Nov 13, 2002

Hi Robin,

I don't have any experience with this but there are a couple of threads in the Off Topic section that talk about it. Here are the links to those threads:



On Nov 13, 2002


My son is a severe asthmatic and had the flu shot when he was 2 and 3 with no complications. I noticed an egg allergy when he was 3 and he has not had the flu shot since as it is contraindicated for egg allergy. Our allergist felt it was too much of a risk for him despite his asthma.

good luck


On Nov 14, 2002

There was a big thread on this a few months ago. I have read that flu shot is not contraindicated for egg allergy, but IS contraindicated for a history of egg anaphylaxis. My daughter has a history of anaphylaxis to egg, so she no longer gets flu shot. If your child can`t get flu shot, then the rest of the family should be sure to get it because that would minimize sources of your child`s exposure to influenza. Note also that MMR and varivax (chicken pox shot) also contain parts of egg. My daughter had already gotten varivax before she had ever eaten any egg products, and she was fine, but she will never get varivax again if recommendations ever come out for a booster dose. She also got MMR before she had ever eaten egg, but has been medically excused for the booster MMR at age 5 for school.

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