Flu shot and egg allergy

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hi. my son tests positive for egg on skin tests (two years in row) but negative to blood this year. the allergist said its ok for him to get flu shot, he has had flu shots in the past but not last year. he ate eggs no problems but likes them less and less and i havent given him egg in at least a year. what do you think. my friends son has severe egg allergy and he got flu shot and just got a rash.

On Oct 13, 2006

I have heard of DR's giving the flu shots in smaller doses b/c of egg allergy. I really want to get my son the shot but he is allergic to egg. Last year when he got the flu from his sister. He was tested at the dr and got a fever for a day. My daughter on the other hand was bed ridden for a couple of days and she had the flu shot. Go figure.

On Oct 13, 2006

My 10 month old DD is egg allergic and I was told NO WAY for the flu shot. Both allergist and pediatrician agreed.

My concern would be also that it is an exposure, and this is one allergy that I am really hoping for her to outgrow....KWIM?

On Oct 13, 2006

I have been debating posting about this issue since I did make up my mind.

Our allergist has strongly suggested giving my DD the flu shot this year. (DD also has asthma) After much consideration, I have agreed.

DD had the flu in preschool (very ill - scary!), the flu shot in K and a healthy winter, they said no flu shot in 1st grade, and this year they have changed their minds and want her to have the shot.

It will be a one hour appointment. She will spend 40 minutes with an allergy nurse who will dilute the flu vacine and test it under the skin on her arm. (same as an allergy test). If there is no reaction, she will give her the shot.

At the end of the 40 minutes, my DD has a 20 minute appointment with her allergist as a final check before she leaves.

The school nurse is in agreement and has stated that she will watch my DD very closely for the remainder of the day when I bring her to school.

This is happening the first week of November.

Everything is risky - but when she had the flu - it was very scary.

I have to believe this is the right decision for my DD.

------------------ Keep Smiling DD - allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, coconut, and egg

On Oct 13, 2006

my son never reacted when he ate eggs, he likes them less and less along with other foods. he is very picky now and really likes junk food!! i dont want my two month old getting sick or him so i think i will go ahead with it.

On Oct 13, 2006

My DD has an egg allergy too and the allergist approved the flu shot. I called three times to confirm I wasn't crazy. She had no reaction to the flu shot either year even though she does react to traces of eggs in foods.

On Oct 13, 2006

Can you get the flu shot at the Allergist's office? This would be the safest alternative.

If your son is not too bad w/ the SPT, the reaction will probably be similar. There is only a tiny amt of egg remaining in the vaccine. And like josh'smom said, the Allergist can do a "test dose" with the flu shot before giving the whole dose; sort-of like a skin test.

Good luck, Daisy

On Oct 13, 2006

My dd is egg allergic and we were told at her physical not to have her get a flu vaccine. I knew that anyway. becca

On Oct 16, 2006

DD cannot be given a flu shot. EVER. (This from allergist... 'not even in a hospital setting using split doses.' ) They SPT flu vax on her when she was four and her arm puffed up. She is aerosol reactive to eggs.

But most people with egg allergy can, as long as proper precautions are taken (like skin testing the vax first, etc).

So everyone else in our household gets one every year. DD gets extremely ill even from a cold or other mild respiratory virus. She has had influenza twice, and it was very frightening-- she developed pneumonia. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/frown.gif[/img]

We also have the "handwashing" rules, which help a lot-- but the most helpful thing is that she isn't in regular school with all those other germy kids. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/wink.gif[/img]

On Oct 25, 2006

pediatrician wouldnt do flu shot so we having egg challenge tomorrow!!

On Nov 2, 2006

Today was the day to test for the flu shot for my DD. I thought I would follow up my previous post (above).

My DD first had three skin prick tests - controller, histamine, and diluted flu vaccine. No reaction for flu vaccine however, extreme reaction to the histamine - even the doctor was surprised by the extent of her reaction. It was fast and limited to many hives on both arms and face and a rather large welt at the site of the prick. Heart rate, breathing, etc... remained normal.

Next step was to only do the controller and the diluted flu vaccine intradermally - injected under her skin - other arm. She reacted to the flu vaccine with a large welt, a rash down her arm and a hive at her wrist.

No flu vaccine for her this year.

Her allergist said that each year the vaccine is different and the amount of egg in the vaccine also varies. Next year could be different.

Our appointment ended up being two hours and my DD was exhausted after. Benedryl and a two hour nap and she was back to herself.

The doctor and her two nurses were fabulous and very attentive. It was stressful but everthing was very controlled and they watched my DD carefully.

My DD is very good at handwashing, however the allergist said the flu is often aresol spread. Now the challenge is to keep her flu free this season.

------------------ Keep Smiling DD - allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, coconut, and egg

On Nov 2, 2006

Thanks for letting us know---I've been wondering about the risks of the flu shot myself (I am severely allergic to egg--have never had a flu shot).

On Nov 2, 2006

DD has a mild-moderate egg allergy: after eating about 1/2 of an egg at her challenge last summer, she developed nausea and abdominal pain, itchy eyes, nasal congestion and sneezing. She sees Dr. Wood. He wants her to get the flu shot yearly. She has been getting it for years and has never had a reaction. She will get it in a few weeks.

Just another anecdote.

On Nov 2, 2006

thats interesting. my son ate french toast containing a whole egg and did fine. he gets his flu shot monday. i always worry about any kind of shot or new medicine anyway so im still worried!

On Nov 21, 2006

tidina- How did your son's flu shot go?

Just an update-- After reading posts here (thank you!) I called Dr. Wood to be sure he wanted DD to get her flu shot as usual. She has had the flu shot every year without reactions. This past summer she had an egg challenge at which she reacted more severely than she had reacted at an egg challenge three years ago. Dr. Wood wants DD to have a skin test with the batch of flu vaccine she would be receiving prior to the shot, and this would need to be done at his office. We'll check with DD's pediatrician to see if he thinks the flu shot is worth this trouble.

On Nov 21, 2006

hi. my sons shot went well thanks for asking!! he got a bump at the site of the shot and later had one tiny bump on wrist (not sure if that was from shot or not). the bump went away within hours. they kept us in office 20 minutes to keep an eye on him which i appreciated!! good luck with yours.