Flu Shot

Posted on: Mon, 10/06/2003 - 3:17pm
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I am just wondering what is your opioion regarding Flu Shot? My daughter had the flu shot last year before I found out that she is allergic to nuts. She did get couples of cold last winter, but nothing very bad. I have been reading the study between the food allergy and immulization. I am not sure if I should let her have the flu shot or not.

Are you guys planning to give the kids flu shot?



Posted on: Mon, 10/06/2003 - 8:03pm
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I am a big believer in the flu shot. My PA daughter also has asthma, so I get the flu shot for her. If she gets the flu it can trigger a terrible asthma episode (she was hospitalized for this once.)

Posted on: Mon, 10/06/2003 - 10:18pm
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I am a little nervous about this also. I believe the nasal mist has egg ingredients but I am not sure about the shot. My son used to be allergic to eggs and still won't eat them even though he tested negative. We haven't done it before and I don't think we'll do it this year.

Posted on: Mon, 10/06/2003 - 11:12pm
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Last year I too was very skeptical. My 6 yr old pa only DS I believe now was affected positively by getting a flu shot. His school had two weeks where everyone got this "bug". DS was sick less than 24 hrs. Everyone else including parents and siblings without flu shots were much worse. I vomited and had chills for 3 days! That Friday, only 6 kids out of 52 showed up for class.
Now that flu season is approaching I am still skeptical but after dealing with last year, an appointment will be made for shots for both sons. Pa DS has had some minor asthma attacks a few years ago. This was the primary reason his doctor recommended them.
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Posted on: Mon, 10/06/2003 - 11:41pm
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As much as my pediatrician would like my boys to get the flu shot because of their asthma , we dont.
My older ds is very allergic to egg, and my youngest recently tested neg. but when we challenged him he vomited them up(dont know if allerg. or just didnt like them) so I really dont feel comfortable giving it to him.
Starting over, if you are egg allergic you arent supposed to get the shot either.

Posted on: Mon, 10/06/2003 - 11:44pm
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Everyone in my family is going to get the flu shot. The baby has already had his, he just has to get his booster now since it's his first time. I knew, however, that he was not allergic to eggs. Both of my boys will go to the flu clinic in October at the ped's office. DH and I have appointments this Friday for our shots. I don't like the spray because I have heard it is live virus where as the shot is not. (is that the right terminology?) The baby was so sick last year (not with the flu but other things like ear and eye infections and croup and such) that he lost a tremendous amount of weight and he just can't be sick this year.
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Posted on: Mon, 10/06/2003 - 11:46pm
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I'm a firm believer in the flu shot. I've gotten mine every year and have never had a bad case of the flu. I am also a severe asthmatic, which makes me very suseptable.

Posted on: Tue, 10/07/2003 - 12:07am
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We all get the flu shot here, three kids (2 with asthma), both parents and grandma.
It used to only be the kids and grandma until I had influenza myself (Sydney A) when I was pregnant with Wade. I have never felt so rotten in my life and do not want to ever feel like that again. It showed me that what I had thought was the "flu" was in fact not, did not even come close.
I can see why it is so dangerous to the elderly and the youg, particularly those with depressed immmune systems.
My kids do not have any other food allergy other than peanut so egg was not a concern for us. The kids suffered no ill effects from the shot other than a bit of a sore arm.

Posted on: Tue, 10/07/2003 - 2:52am
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I too am firm beleiver of the flu shot. I get mine every year. DS got his first one last year as well. He tested positive to egg at 13 months of age but has since outgrown. Allergist told us if he had no respiratory distress after eating egg, he was able to get flu shot. Yes the flu shot is made with egg.

Posted on: Tue, 10/07/2003 - 5:31am
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Joined: 07/11/2003 - 09:00

I am also a firm believer in flu shots. I get one every year. When I do get the flu it is only a mild case. Eggs do not seem to be a problem for me, so I do not react to the shot.

Posted on: Tue, 10/07/2003 - 11:20am
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I am allergic to eggs. Last year, I had 1/2 of the flu vaccine and then went back 3 weeks later for the other half.
No problems..

Posted on: Wed, 10/08/2003 - 12:39am
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We just had a newsletter come out at the hospital i work for. they are offering free flu shots to the employees, but indicated that the shot should not be administered if there is an allergy to egg, latex, or thimersol. my dd (no PA) has asthma and they suggest all family members get the shot. Unfortunately PA ds is also allergic to egg and I am allergic to latex. However, we have both had the flu vaccine in the past w/o side effects (ie allergy). BTW, pa ds has also had the mmr (1 week before we found out he was allergic to egg) and did ok, however i am following strict avoidance, which means no egg containing shots for him!

Posted on: Wed, 10/08/2003 - 1:31am
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My 15 YO son is (among other things) allergic to peanuts and eggs and has asthma. Our doctor allergy tested specifically for the vaccine and deemed it safe for his allergies. He is so much healthier when he recieves the flu shot - last year we passed on it to see how it would go and he was sick forever with too many asthma problems so he decided he definitely want to get it this fall.

Posted on: Wed, 10/08/2003 - 10:57am
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Jana R and others dealing with egg allergy,
Hope you don't mind me asking, but how allergic is your child to egg re CAP RAST score? I ask because my son hasn't gotten flu shot for seven years-- we were hoping he would outgrow egg. But his score was back to greater than 100- and since he is now a teenager the doctor stated that it will be a life-long allergy for him. Now I am revisiting the idea of flu shot divided up or the mist as he does have the asthma and tends to catch colds/ flu easily. I am planning to talk with his allergists and reg. doctor ablut this too. The rest of famiy get the flu shot so we will not bring it home to him.
Take Care,

Posted on: Wed, 10/08/2003 - 11:39am
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Blair, just an FYI my latest aanma.org newsletter said that the mist should not be used for those with asthma. I know they do recommend the shot though for asthma suffers because of the risk of greater complications from the flu in this group. Of course, if there's an egg allergy too- then you have to enlist the allergist to advise regarding the specific risks to that individual.
Here are some links that I found:
Flu Vaccines
It appears that the mist is not yet deemed to be safe for anyone with asthma and should be treated with the same caution as the shot for those with an egg allergy.
Flu Shot
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Posted on: Wed, 10/08/2003 - 12:36pm
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Regardless of allergies, at what age is it considered safe for flu shot? I am a big advocate of them but don't know if my 27 mo old is old enough.

Posted on: Wed, 10/08/2003 - 1:07pm
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I am PA/TNA and also have a slight egg allergy. My allergist said to get the shot. I am 63. I have never had a problem with getting the shot -- no reactions or anything. It really does help prevent bad cases of flu, and even if I have had flu, it was a very minor case, maybe one day.
Actually, I make sure all my innoculations are up to date. Having lived through the era of polio, smallpox, chicken pox, mumps, measles, TB, and other wonderful diseases, I really appreciate the protection they afford. I know there are some who don't agree with me on this, but I know so many people in my age group who had all of these afflictions both as children and adults and I know how far we have come in making ourselves safer.
Two of my high school boyfriends were polio survivors, and although one had no later problems, the other had innumerable problems throughout his youth and still wears a leg brace. Chicken pox has come back to haunt some of us as shingles. I got mumps twice as an adult, and it was agony. I had German measles and chicken pox as a child and regular measles during college. I knew a woman who was a smallpox "carrier," which meant she showed no symptoms but gave it to others. A friend of my mother's developed TB and was in a sanitarium for a long time getting back her health. So as far as I am concerned, I get whatever shots are available. I even had typhoid, cholera, and various boosters recently when I had a trip planned to central Mexico. Had to cancel my trip when my dh had his heart attack, but I am not sorry I had them.

Posted on: Wed, 10/08/2003 - 2:24pm
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Blair - I called the allergist office just after posting here to refresh my memory. It has been 11 years(!!! where did the time go???) since my son was tested for the vaccine. I went back to my old sheets of tests and found the skin test we did that same year (he had his first CAP Rast this spring so I don't have that comparison) and he got four slashes for egg white (the same as for peanut and milk). This spring he scored 17.7 on the CAP Rast which even though it doesn't sound high compared to scores greater than 100, is a class four.
I asked since we know he's still allergic to egg and we skipped a year, is it still safe to assume he can tolerate the vaccine and they said there should not be any problems. I'm still definitely going to have it done at the allergist office rather than anywhere else in case he does react!
Good luck!

Posted on: Wed, 10/08/2003 - 8:12pm
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WoozerMom, I'm with you. I also get whatever shots I can. I am a BIG, BIG believer in vaccines. Vaccines have done so much good.

Posted on: Thu, 10/09/2003 - 10:52am
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Last year we all got the Flu shot. My PA son is asthmatic and it is best to immunize the whole family. We did not have any reactions and I am glad we decided to get the flu shot after all of my research and uncertainties last year.
Getting ready to get our shots this month.
Try not to tense your arm, relax so you won't get a sore arm that lasts a few days... [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img] I will try to do the same!

Posted on: Thu, 10/09/2003 - 11:32am
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Joined: 08/08/2019 - 13:01

Thank you everyone for your replies,
I will double check with his regular dr about how many times Ds had the flu shot before age 6 I remember his first CAP RAST was in the 20's for egg and his skin testing at 3 and 6 years of age was plus 7 or 9 for egg. He has only eaten a very little bit of straight egg during a food challenge when he was very young.

Posted on: Thu, 10/09/2003 - 11:41am
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Joined: 08/08/2019 - 13:01

Thank you everyone for your replies,
I will double check with his regular dr about how many times Ds had the flu shot before age 6 I remember his first CAP RAST was in the 20's for egg and his skin testing at 3 and 6 years of age was plus 7 or 9 for egg. He has only eaten a very little bit of straight egg during a food challenge when he was very young.
A class 4 egg allergy is high-- I am encouraged that your son has been able to get the flu shot.
I'll let you all know what I find out. I have a feeling the answer will be no- but maybe if yes- if we'd divide it and give at local allergist office. They took very good carry of me when I needed treatment after an allergy shot reaction.
Thanks again,

Posted on: Mon, 10/13/2003 - 4:10am
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Joined: 08/08/2019 - 13:01

Well as I expected DS will not be getting flu shot again this year. Allergist doesn't recommend it only 1-2 get it a year in his practise who are egg allergic. They do skin testing of the shot first as each years flu shots have different amounts of egg protien- and then depends on results of that. If go ahead then dose is divided given one hour apart.etc..
I will get flu shot and fill out intermittant leave form for my one son- just in case I need to be home with him this year.. my non-allergic Ds is now saying he doesn't want to take it..... it is a challenge to build up sick leave time lately.
Take care,

Posted on: Mon, 10/13/2003 - 11:28pm
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None of my kids (or myself) are allergic to eggs, but we won't be getting the flu shot.
The flu shot contains Thimerosal, which is a mercury based preservative thought to contribute to the gross increase (500%) in autism related disorders among children born in the mid-90's and also thought to contribute to alzheimers disease in the elderly through dental fillings. Aside from mercury in vaccines, they are also in amalgam fillings. [url="http://www.safeminds.org"]www.safeminds.org[/url] has a link in their research section to a research project done by the University of Calgary on what miniscule amounts of mercury can do to brain tissue.
No.. I have an autistic son. I'm not taking that risk. When they can release a flu vaccine that doesn't contain thimerosal, we might consider it. All the other vaccines can be ordered 'thimerosal free,' but not the flu vaccine
[i]...living peanut free and thimerosal free...[/i]

Posted on: Mon, 10/13/2003 - 11:50pm
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Joined: 08/14/2002 - 09:00

I have had 3 (or 4) family doctors in the past 2 1/2 years so I have not asked them if they suggest getting the Flu Shot. However, my previous family doctor of 17 years, did not recommend it. He told me that since I am healthy and have not HAD the flu in something like 20 years or longer then there is no reason to get the shot.
My children's asthma is under control and last year my daughter (whose asthma was more severe than my son's) did NOT have to be on her steriods or ventolin during the Fall, Winter or Spring seasons.
Perhaps, if I have a Family Doctor who stand around long enough, then I will ask their opinion, my current doctor just told me she is leaving in January and so far no replacement for her!!!!

Posted on: Tue, 10/21/2003 - 2:08pm
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I am rather skeptical but got it for 3yo pa/tna son with mild asthma and 18 mo dd (not sure of pa/tna yet). He had it last year and really wasn't sick much in the winter...

Posted on: Tue, 10/21/2003 - 2:29pm
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We get them every year.

Posted on: Tue, 10/21/2003 - 7:01pm
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more about Thimerosal.
This link also says there is limited thimerosal-free flu vaccines available:

Posted on: Wed, 10/22/2003 - 10:28am
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my 4 yr old (tomorrow!) DD is PA, TNA, allergic to eggs, and has asthma. Her allergist tested her for rxn to the flu vaccine last year - all went well. he is VERY conservative, so it took 2 and a half hours and numerous pokes. she will get the shot at regular peds ofc this year, but we will stay for awhile to make sure there's no rxn. Mary Beth

Posted on: Wed, 10/22/2003 - 11:15am
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Joined: 10/16/2003 - 09:00

Juliasmom....Happy birthday to your PA child! you said your child is allergic to eggs but was getting the shot anyway. Do you remember how she scored on a skin test? My PA son was skin tested yesterday on numerous things and one thing that surprised me was eggs. Allergy scored 2+. Never noticed before. I wanted to give all 3 kids the flu shot this year, last year someone was always sick. But, now I'm wondering if my son shouldn't have it?

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