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I am the mother of an 18 month old boy who has PA and eczema. I would love to join or create a support group with other PA or food allergy moms.

On Jul 25, 2001

Hi Wendy, I am also in Florida (near St. Pete) but my PA daughter is 14....quite an age difference from your little guy! Feel free to e-mail me anytime if you want to pick my brain for info. Somehow we have safely made it to this point with no real serious reactions or E.R. visits (knock on wood) so I guess we're doing something right! Beth

On Aug 10, 2001

Hi there, I live in West Palm Beach area. My daughter is almost 6, just starting kindergarten next week. I would love to have some sort of support group. I also would love to offer you any help for you for when your child starts school.

On Sep 5, 2001

Hi I am a mother of a 21 mth old, living in the Brandon area. I also know of atleast 2 others that would be interested in starting a group. please contact me if anyone has any interest.

On Feb 2, 2002

Hi, I'am Angie and I have just found out that mt son has PA and he also has excema. He is 23 months old. I'am new with food allergies. I'am swamped with info, but I'am still confused on how I should handle things. If anyone has any tips, I would be grateful. I'am interested in joining a support group. Thanks

On Dec 2, 2002

Love this site Synthia

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On Apr 8, 2003

Hi I am looking for a support group near Bradenton/Sarasota, Florida. I have a PA 2 year old daughter and would love to have someone to talk to ... feeling so isolated from our friends.

On Apr 8, 2003

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On Aug 7, 2003

Sorry I haven't replied in so long!!! I started working from home and have been swamped [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/frown.gif[/img] I'm in Seminole County, Lake Mary/Sanford area. I haven't met anyone in the area with pa and as Tony gets older and has more questions about his allergy I would really like him to have a friend in the same boat [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

On Aug 9, 2003

I am afaid you are hours from me. How far are you from Tampa???? How old is your son? MY PA daughter is 2 1/2.

On Aug 9, 2003

I am about an hour and a half away from Tampa. My son will be 4 in December. We just came back from vacationing in St. Pete Beach at the Tradewinds Resort and it took about an hour and forty five minutes to get there.

Take care, Wendy

On Aug 15, 2003

responded by e-mail

On Oct 19, 2003

Bump for anyone newbies out there in FL

On Oct 19, 2003


I'm In Jackonville and I have a 7 yr old PA boy and a soon to be 5 unknown if Pa son. Anyone else from Jax?


On Oct 25, 2003

You may want to join POFAK becasue they also have a list of people in different areas that want to become members of a support group. They also have good info. Web site is a bit confusing but good info

On Nov 14, 2003

I just saw a message from someone in Jacksonville, Florida. I live in St. Augustine and am desperately searching for a support group as we are new to pa!!!! Let me know if you are lout there. I would love to connect!!!!!

On Nov 14, 2003

Riley's Mom,

E-mail me if you did not get my message


On Dec 3, 2003

Danielle, Would you please edit your post that quotes my city and state.Remove my city and state. Thank you Love this site Synthia

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On Dec 4, 2003

reraising in hopes Danielle will see this. Love this site Synthia

On Dec 4, 2003

Thank you Danielle Love this site Synthia

On Mar 8, 2004

Hi,I am new here I live in Deltona Fl and I have a 24 month old with PA and other allergys.I also have a 4 yrd old too but he only is allergic to cats and dogs! would love to meet others close by and have have and be in a support group with others for my son...This is a challenge for us!

------------------ Casey-Ann DS:Tyler 4 Cats,DogsDS:Joshua 2 PA,mold,Cats,Dogs, Cock Roaches,

On Mar 8, 2004

If there are any support groups in the Jacksonville area or anyone interested in getting together I only live about 45 minutes from Jax (in GA). I have an 8 year old pa son (pa since 11 months old) and a 7 year old pa dd.


On Mar 16, 2004

Valerie, I live in St. Augustine and am looking for support groups in Jax also. I believe there is one- you can call Nemour's Childrens' clinic to get info. I am not sure how often the meet, etc. I have been playing phone tag to get info. so if you get it before me vould you please letme know? Thank you- Good luck! Riley'smom

On Mar 26, 2004

Finally, a support group in the Bradenton/sarasota area. My e-mail is not working at this time so please contact me through these boards if interested.

On Mar 31, 2004

Thought I'd drop my location in here, I thought I had already....

Perry - just outside Tallahassee

Feel free to contact me at [email]lana_logan@yahoo.com[/email]

On May 4, 2004

I am in Lake County, would love to join a support group, My DS was just confirmed PA and EA, he also has exzema.

On Aug 1, 2004


Originally posted by alex's mom1: [b]Hi,

I'm In Jackonville and I have a 7 yr old PA boy and a soon to be 5 unknown if Pa son. Anyone else from Jax?


Hi my daughter is 3 years old and we also live in Jacksonville. Let me know if you have found any support groups!! Thanks