Flinstones vitamins ok?


Has anyone had trouble with Flinstones vitamins? My son has multiple food allergies. The label looks okay but the manufacturer was not very helpful. Thanks.

On Nov 16, 1999

My kids have been taking Flintstones vitamins without a problem. Sesame Street vitamins are also okay. I called McNeil (the company that makes them) and they were very helpful.

On Nov 18, 1999

My son also has multiple food allergies, and has had no adverse reactions to Flintstones vitamins.

On Nov 20, 1999


My daughter has allergy to only peanuts/nuts, but has been taking the Flintstones vitamines since she was 2 with out any problems. There is another vitamin out there called "Popeye" vitamins that list several ingredients that they stay away from. I believe they have a website at:[url]http://www.popeyevitamins.com[/url] to check for more info.


On Jan 31, 2002

Unfortunatley, I think this company, Wagner Products, has gone out of business. Their phone number has been disconnected and their web address doesn't go anywhere.

On Feb 5, 2002

My 4 yr old son has PA/TNA and has been taking Flinstones vitamins for a while. Have you contacted them recently? What is their phone # or web address so that I may contact them to double check?

On Feb 5, 2002

I didn't contact them. I was actually going to go with the Abbott brand of Vy-Daylin but then the pediatrician said he doesn't think my son needs them since he eats a pretty good diet anyway.

On Feb 6, 2002

Flintstone vitamins are okay, but my sister had a store brand that said "compare to Flintstones" and they contained peanut oil. So I would say stick with the name brand.

On Dec 9, 2002

I just called the company about Flintstones Complete vitamins and the woman said they would not recommend it for my son since their may be a chance of cross-contamination due to use of outside vendors. They do not add pn/tn or sesame, but cannot be sure that the outside people they use are being completely safe.

On Dec 9, 2002

A while ago, I did some research on vitamines in Canada, and Bayer Canada told me they didn't recommend we use their Flintstones/Bugs, Pokeman, etc.(I forget the other shapes made/manufactured by Bayer, because they couldn't verify the "vegtable oil" or their "flavourings" used by outside suppliers.

Centrum JR were out because of their clear labelling of peanut oil (which I appreciated because then I didn't have to bother calling them). Shoppers Drug Mart "Life - Just for Kids" was checked into and determined to be o.k. by a shoppers drug mart pharmasist and we've been using that brand ever since. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]