Flew Delta with a severe peanut/tree nut allergy


I must commend Delta Airlines for making my severe peanut/tree nut allergic son feel very relaxed on a flight. His ticket was tagged by the airline and my husband notified the gate upon arrival. My husband was allowed to board the plane first and wipe down the seats and tray tables with Clorox wipes. An announcement was made that no peanuts would be served on the flight and all passengers who had nuts as a snack were asked to refrain from eating them. This was a first flight for my son and he was so excited to finally travel without panic. He travelled without incident from Hartsfield Atlanta to Los Angeles International and had an amazing time. The flight attendants were outstanding and provided excellent customer service. Thanks again Delta for proving that it is much easier than anyone thought to accommodate severely allergic individuals with minimal interruption to other passengers and the airline. Will definitely fly Delta again!