First time using Epipen - ANA Reaction to Kashi Oatmeal

Posted on: Tue, 01/16/2007 - 3:07am
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My 3 and a half year old son is severely allergic to peanuts and tree-nuts. We had been using Kashi products for several months and felt comfortable with them

Posted on: Tue, 01/16/2007 - 3:16am
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I think you did great! Honestly, there's no way to prepare a child for a shot in advance. My son was actually relieved the last time he had an Epi (at around 9 I think) because he had made the dread so large in his head that it was worse than the shot itself. He helped give it to himself that time and said "no big deal" afterward.
You wouldn't make a big deal out of a flu shot, right? Just distract the child and tell him he did a great job after.
One thing I wanted to mention... Epis and hospital trips tend to make MOM crazy after! I have to seriously de-stress every time this happens. Make sure you emphasize in your own mind how WELL things went. You had support every step of the way, your doctor gave clear direction, the hospital was responsive...and your child is fine as a result. No reason to think it won't be this way in the future.

Posted on: Tue, 01/16/2007 - 3:28am
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I think you handled things really well too! I'm generally a calm, laid-back kind of person, but in a crisis - I panic!! I agree with practicing the epi-pen over and over. I just practiced with an expired epi (in an orange) a few days ago for the first time and we realized after that I didn't hold it for 10 seconds. I scared I won't remember that in an emergency either. I know you're supposed to - I train her babysitters, but I didn't do it. I obviously need to practise more often with the trainer.
As far as the preparing goes - she is 3 and knows exactly what will happen...but I doubt she realizes that the epi-pen is a needle. I can understand "that look". It's heartbreaking as a mommy. I don't think I'll mention the shot part. I figure I can get more cooperation out of her if she doesn't know (though I'm usually all for telling her. She knows when the doctor is going to give her a shot). I figure in a life-or-death situation, I'd rather her not know than squirm. But that's just my DD and her personality. Other kids may be more willing to sit for an epipen knowing it's a needle.

Posted on: Tue, 01/16/2007 - 3:42am
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What an ordeal!! I think you did a great job too. You just never know when it is going to be that bad and you handled it great.

Posted on: Tue, 01/16/2007 - 3:44am
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Thanks for sharing the story, wow!! You did do a great job, glad you had some help too. I always wonder what I'll do having 4 kids that will be hard to juggle(like riding in the ambulance, I'll probably have to follow, but who knows). My son is also scared of the Epipen, so much so that he has NOT told me symptoms during reactions, so that scares me.
I was going to ask, not to contradict you, but do you think maybe the reactions could have been from the hersey kiss or nutrigrain bar too?? I would maybe, if you call, call all 3 and ask specifics. Just a thought, sorry.

Posted on: Tue, 01/16/2007 - 4:02am
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I am glad your little one is OK now. Great job during the crisis. I hope I am as clear headed as you if I ever need to use his epipen.

Posted on: Tue, 01/16/2007 - 4:14am
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First let me say...BIG HUG to you. How very scary. I am glad your son has recovered. I appreciate your honestly in stating how nervous you were...I think it's important to know, especially to those new to the allergy, that giving your kids can be a scary thing at first, but you did it!!
Thank you for sharing your story, it helps the rest of us learn and serves as a reminder to be ever vigilant!

Posted on: Tue, 01/16/2007 - 4:48am
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hi Ethan Mom --- I posted in your other thread...didn't want you to miss it.

Posted on: Tue, 01/16/2007 - 4:50am
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Thanks for all the supportive responses - it is really good to be able to vent and ask advice from those who deal with the same challenges!
In response to Chandra4's post: "do you think maybe the reactions could have been from the hersey kiss or nutrigrain bar too??"
That is a good point, but I do suspect the oatmeal was the problem since he'd eaten the Nutrigrain and the kisses before, but had never had this flavor of oatmeal. However, once I hear from Kashi, I will follow-up with the other two, if neccessary. Thanks for your thoughts - I'll let you know what I find out!

Posted on: Tue, 01/16/2007 - 5:20am
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Wow, I hope I'm as competent if I ever need to use the epi on my daughter. Great job.
We eat Kashi stuff. I'll approach their products with more caution now.

Posted on: Tue, 01/16/2007 - 7:01am
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{{{HUGS}}} So sorry you and your ds had to go through that. [img][/img] I think I read here that Kashi Oatmeal is made in shared facilities-I was avoiding it specifically so I'm pretty sure that's what I read. Now Kashi refuses to give any info about shared lines/facilities so we are not buying them anymore but I'm scared to open the two boxes of crackers I have in the cupboard.


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