First post, OAS questions


I have been reading the board for a few years but this is my first post. My son is 6 and is allergic to eggs, peanuts, treenuts and just about everything outside. Last year he officially added Oral Allergy Syndrome to his list of allergies which has certainly complicated things. His body seems to confuse certain fruits and vegetables with pollens and this causes a puffy lip or scratchy tongue. Is anyone familiar with OAS?

Once spring hits, everything he eats gives him a puffy tingly lip and bothers his throat. Even his safe foods are no longer safe. I am on edge wondering if it is OAS or nut/egg contamination. Just want to keep him safe.

On Apr 10, 2008

all i know about OAS is that off course the tree pollen allergies are linked to it. I would treat every reaction as you would from nuts etc

I would also reduce his intake or raw veg and fruit during the seasons when his reactions are worse. I would ask for dietary advice on this , re vitamins etc.

cooked veg and fruit are said to be ok, however of the people I have met said that this is not as easy as it seems. slighty undercooked veg, say carrots can happen.

I would ask for more support from your allergist in this area, as its a serious part of his allergic march.

I am sorry I cant help you much in this area. I hope others can.

On Apr 11, 2008

My son is 7 and also has OAS in addition to his peanut allergy. He is allergic to birch pollen, and gets an itchy mouth and lips when he eats raw apples, cherries, carrots, snap peas ... the list goes on. He will generally avoid raw fruits and veggies, but is OK of they are cooked (they have to be well cooked, verging on mushy, or they still sometimes bother him).

From what I understand, OAS reactions are rarely life threatening, but as you noticed, worse when the pollen is in season. We do keep the offending fruits and veggies around for the rest of us, and don't worry about complete avoidance as we do with the peanut allergy.

I'm not sure what fruits and veggies your son is reacting to, but for my son, I have a very small list of things he can/will eat raw (mostly berries, grapes, and citrus fruits), and just let him call the shots on the other stuff. It can help if your allergist can give you a list of the potential cross reactives to the pollens he is allergic to, a lot of fruits and veggies belong to the same families and are likely to trigger the same sort of reactions.

I know it can be very scary when you don't know if its the nuts or the OAS - the first time my son reacted to an apple, was was certain it was contaminated with peanut somehow. Somehow for me the OAS is almost harder to deal with because you can never know 100% wether it cross contamination or not, but I've gotten to the point, where if its a raw fruit he's complaining about, i think OAS, not peanut.

Anyway, hope this helps (sorry for rambling on...)

On Apr 16, 2008

Thank you for sharing your son's allergy information. It's hard enough explaining that my child can't have nuts & eggs but on top of that he is avoiding most fruits & vegetables too. I feel like nonallergy parents just think I have a picky eater or I've lost my mind.

My son's environmental allergies include birch & ragweed so Spring and Fall are difficult. My allergist has given us a list of cross reactives and food families. First only raw carrots were a problem but over time DS now has problems with entire food families including most fruits & veggies. Some veggies are a problem cooked but thanks for the well cooked tip! I'll try overcooking and see if that helps. He has many unexplained reactions so I know he's allergic to more than I am aware. Soy may also be a problem. He wil be retested (blood & skin tests) again soon.

Before OAS I was relying on fruits and vegetables for nutrition -just wash and no ingredient lists to deal with. OAS is an added challenge. It helps just to know others are out there.