first positive now borderline pa/tna results

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A year and a half ago, my son was tested for peanuts (twice) and tree nuts with the skin prick test. It came back positive. He used to eat peanut butter sandwiches a lot and had no reactions. He did, however, have a few hives on his chin a few times after we were avoiding peanuts and tree nuts (and one time right before he was tested). Recently we moved and changed allergists. This new doctor ordered a blood test because he wasn't so sure he was allergic since he ate peanut butter before and no reactions. Well we had the test done and the results are borderline for both peanuts and tree nuts. Which, according to him , means he's probably not allergic and that the next step would be to do a food challenge at the hospital with a doctor present. Has anyone ever gone through all of this or heard of anyone else in this same situation? I'm excited yet will forever be nervous if he passes the food challenge.

On Oct 24, 2007

My son is almost 3 and before he went into anaphalaxis (didn't lose airway) he had consumed peanuts and tried pb (didn't like) on many occasions without a problem.

My guess... your son had amild allergy and thanks to avoidance maybe he is/has outgrown it.

Please let us know your decision and the outcome, hearing of kids that domanage to outgrow pa is such a nice thing to hear about that really gives us all hope.

Good Luck!