First field trip... what do you think???

Posted on: Mon, 10/11/2004 - 4:40am
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The permission slip was sent home today for a trip to a Pumpkin Patch/Farm for my p&tn/a sons preschool class. It requests that each child bring a sack lunch and drink and he can ride the bus or I can drive (which is what I will do)! I called the place to check it out and was told that there will be many other schools there that day and they do sell shelled peanuts and pb&j sandwiches. Also, this field trip will include other classes within the preschool besides his class which is nut-free. Should I still ask that parents be reminded not to send nut products eventhough there will be other schools and nut products there? I plan to take the Wet Ones to use on his hands like I always do, but do you have any other suggestions for keeping him safe?

I should mention that he did attend a baseball game a few weeks ago and there were people 4 seats down from us eating peanuts and throwing the shells all over and he did not have a reaction.

Thanks for any help you can offer. I am still learning about keeping him safe and this site has been very helpful!


Posted on: Mon, 10/11/2004 - 5:44am
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Annie M., did you want a reminder to your child's "peanut free" classroom or a note to the other classes in the pre-school that are going that they also have a "peanut free" lunch/snack that day?
My son is now in 4th Grade and only on one occasion did I ask that the other class from my son's school be "peanut free" as well.
I think mostly I just worry about the classmates my son will be eating with in situations where there are other schools in attendance, in particular. If I can make sure, to the best of my ability that his class is "peanut free", then it reduces the risk a bit, but of course not completely.
We have been on so many excursions where other schools were present and eating peanut products but my son has never had a reaction (and I do consider him quite sensitive - although that's not a word I like to use).
I'm sorry Annie, there is a HUGE fight going on in the background and I'm not sure if I'm making sense or not.
If you feel you can get the other classes in the pre-school to be "peanut free" for one day, then I'd go for that. If not, a gentle reminder to your child's "peanut free" classroom that the lunches/snacks be peanut free for the field trip also (I've seen a lot of Lunchables, LunchMates on field trips, more than on a *normal* school day).
You're attending with your son? Are you going on the bus?
I'd just keep an eye on your son and an eye open for what's around - I've always been able to tell what child ate a pb sandwich (from another school) and just enjoy yourself.
I do find it odd that they sell pbj sandwiches and peanuts there - the pumpkin patches and apple orchards we've been to haven't sold actual peanut products.
Sorry, completely lost train of thought (not unusual for me, I know), but it's really out of control here.
Best wishes! [img][/img]

Posted on: Mon, 10/11/2004 - 6:22am
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I, too, find it odd (and somewhat disturbing) that they sell peanuts at this pumpkin patch.
Since you will be there to keep a close eye on your son I think it O.K. for him to go (as long as it is in your comfort zone, that it; it would be in mine).
I think you should definitely remind the teachers to remind the parents that lunches must be nut free.
If you can get the other classes from your school to comply with no nut lunches, the more the better.
Best of luck!!!
[img][/img] Miriam

Posted on: Mon, 10/11/2004 - 8:44am
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I just wanted to let you and other parents know what happen recently with my DS's(PA & TNA) field trip plans.
The teacher sent out a notice about the field trip to the Pumpkin farm and to feed the animals. We had read in the past that "animal feed" can have nuts in it. So, my DH called to make sure the feed was safe. While he was talking to the "farmer" he was informed that they use ALMOND SHELLS as animal bedding. Can you believe it?
My DS was very hurt that he can't go with his 1st grade class to the farm. But he does understand that it is not safe. He will spend the day with mom doing something "safe" and fun.
It was a good reminder to always check. Even the seemingly safe things, might not be so "safe" for our PA & TNA children.

Posted on: Mon, 10/11/2004 - 10:52am
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Anonymous (not verified)

disneycruising, welcome! [img][/img]
Wow, you made a really good point! Who would have thought of almonds as bedding for animals (or their shells?).
This is something that *should* be posted in the Unusual or Unexpected Sources of Peanuts thread (even though it says peanuts in the title, tree nut products have been posted in there as well).
Wow! [img][/img]
Best wishes! [img][/img]

Posted on: Mon, 10/11/2004 - 2:05pm
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how far (distance/time) from emergency care (ambulance, hospital) is the location of the trip?
Do you have a formal *Emergency Plan* set up for Field Trips? Also, would there be designated qualified persons in such an *Emergency Plan* to be a *helpmeet* to you if there was an emergency covered by an *Emergency Plan* re: LTFA?
As for *other* emergencies, I would like to think schools have plans in place. But I never assume. Just wondering if they have a "preplan" for fieldtrips re: a child at risk for LTFA.
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Posted on: Mon, 10/11/2004 - 8:19pm
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AnnieM, I am not sure where your from but I am wondering what the name of the pumpkin farm is. We have one an exit away and they sell peanuts as well. I happened to be purchasing some other stuff when i saw the peanut vendor right next to the popcorn.
I was a bit surprised but then again I don't know why because it seems as though everywhere we go they sell them lately.
The one we go to is called Sunnyside farms. Take care Claire

Posted on: Tue, 10/12/2004 - 2:51am
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Make sure the cell phone is fully charged and you have all the appropriate emergency numbers and routes. I don't know about other parts of the country but here in Massachusetts, when you dial 9-1-1 on a cell phone, you are connected to the state police, usually the main barracks in Framingham. You then have to tell them which local police to transfer you to. I plan to have the actual local emergency numbers with me for our field trip.

Posted on: Tue, 10/12/2004 - 5:32am
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Thanks everyone for your input, I am very nervous about going but dh and I have decided that he needs to be able to do things as normally as possible. I will be with him, luckily it is only about 20 min. from home so if we go and it just doesn't seem safe we can leave early and skip having lunch there! I did ask about the animal feed but never considered the animal bedding so I will call again to confirm it is not used before going. I will talk to the teacher tomorrow and ask that they send a reminder to his class about the lunches so he can at least be safe eating with his friends. His best friends parents are wonderful (they even brought Shane cookies last spring in a bag so that he could have safe cookies after their spring concert)!
Thanks again!


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