First Communion


My PA son received his First Communion today. Didn't think about it until tonight, but do you let your PA child drink from the chalice (the wine)? It just occured to me that a person before him could eat peanut butter on toast or PBJ pancakes or something for breakfast. They only wipe it off, not sanitize it!

I may tell him he can only take the bread but not the wine from now on.

What do you do?

On May 6, 2006

I do not allow my PA DD to drink from the chalice. No one in my family does. I don't like that whole idea, just wiping with a cloth and turning the cup for the next person.

Sometimes she's not comfortable receiving communion if we are not in our own parish. I don't usually push the issue if she doesn't feel comfortable.

On May 7, 2006

We had our first communion yesterday and No we don't drink from it either. I don't think it is a great idea for anyone not just the PA. However I agree that people may have eaten just before and it would be a problem for PA. I hope your communion went as well as ours!) take care claire

On May 7, 2006

Wow. Never having to have a food is one thing--and never getting to experience some things culturally one thing. But never getting to have the entire sacrament. That's a powerful, powerful thing.

I'm Protestant. And we pass with individual cups or have communion by intinction (dipping the bread into the cup). Or when we've had communion like this, DS has been the first after DH (extremely possible with DH's line of work).

In a smaller parish, there has got to be a work around, like offering your child eucharist by intinction--at least some of the time. Or preparing her own cup. There would have to be a way to accomplish this. This is communion. For the entire community. It's not right to exclude. And it doesn't have to come from one common cup. It's nice, but not absolute. At least not to me.

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On May 7, 2006

My dd has yet to make her first communion, but we, as a family, do not drink from the communal cup. I just was discussing this with dh, and we find it unclean regardless of allergies. I used to like the dipping way of doing it, and would not have a problem with that technique, provided all were done that way form that particular cup.

So, a double no(germs and allergies) on the cup for dd). becca

On May 7, 2006

We do not drink from the cup either.

At one of our local churches, the communion bread is made by the parishioners in their homes. What if they knead the bread on a counter on which they have previously made peanut butter sandwiches?! PA DD cannot receive this bread safely, so before attending services there we have to go to our regular church and get a safe wafer for her to bring along.

On May 7, 2006

I never drink from the cup either - just can't bear the thought. I won't let my kids either, regardless of PA.

On May 7, 2006

Thanks for all the advice. I think we'll keep with the host and stop the wine. I appreciate all the feedback!

On May 8, 2006

Sara had first communion this weekend.

She hated the 'cracker' (toast, to her.. not host)

Got a good pic of her face (I hope)

I'm still ISO the story of the Dracut MA family who wrote the pope IRT THEIR situation: Mom with CD daughter and diabetic as well...

Church was denying 1st communion.

All Saturday, looking at the girls in dresses (and boys in suits) I thought about the family and what THEY were doing (as on TV, I saw the girl in her dress...)

I hope they had a good day, and were allowed to continue, kwim?

I keep looking in the paper..

Comments on Caitlin? I refuse to answer [img][/img]

(I dont have an answer... allergic to wheat AND grapes..)


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On May 8, 2006

No, we do not allow her to drink from the chalice.. none of us do.. not real sanitary.

We also only let her receive communion from the priest. He is the only one who I know has clean hands! I never let her go to a Eucharistic minister. What if they are sitting with small children and feeding them before they do up to hand out communion?? So, we made a decision to only go to a priest.

On May 8, 2006

We are doing first communion in 2 weeks. As a family we do not drink from the cup. I have a friend who is a eucharistic minister and she REALLY don't want to know what is in the bottom of the cup when it is over.... To be honest, the whole allergy thing did not occur to me until a few weeks ago. I couldn't believe I never thought about it because we are always so careful. My son will receive the host but not the wine.

On May 8, 2006

Another one of those risks I may not have considered...we have 2 years to go before we get to 1st communion but I also do not take wine because I have been pregnant or nursing the most part of 6 years and don't intend to start again because of germs. DH is Eucharistic Minister.

Considering the church's stand on those with Celiac's I doubt they would make any accomodation for the risk of allergic reaction due to contamination of the cup, although individual churches do quietly make accomodation. The bread is another issue to consider...I'll have to see where it comes from because I think at churches we've belonged to in the past as well the kids make the hosts for their 1st communion day...could be an issue!

If there isn't one already I think I'll start a thread on unexpected sources of cross-contamination or contact reaction!