First allergist appointment. What does it all mean?

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My daughter is 14 months and had her first reaction to peanuts around 7 months. (Started crawling and got a hold of older daughters PB sandwich). She had hives all over but they went away with Benadryl in about a half hour, this happened twice then we deemed her allergic and was given an epi-pen by our family doctor. We just saw the allergist today and she had a skin test done. She reacted to to peanut as we expected, nothing else thank god! The skin reaction was small, only 5mm. The doctor said testing is definitive at 8mm. With this result she has a 50/50 chance of being allergic to peanuts. We were told to avoid peanuts (and other nuts>>cross contamination) until we repeat the test in 2 years. He didn't think we needed to do a RAST or anything else at this point.

So is she allergic or not allergic? How can she be borderline allergic? Will she outgrow it? Should we be less concerned because she only had a 5mm reaction?

I'm so confused! Thanks for your time reading this and your answers in advance!

By rugglesemf on Jul 2, 2012

my 7 month old just had a positive blood test for peanuts. what our allergist told us was that the number of whatever they test for was low, so she was optimistic she might outgrow it, but for now to avoid all nuts. (peanuts because of the allergy, tree nuts because of a high risk of cross contamination). there was no way to know if she will or won't outgrow it.

can you talk to your doctor about getting more information about what her results mean?