First Allergic Reaction since Diagnosis...

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Hi guys.. so I fed dd some chicken nuggets, PEAS, and mustard (she likes to dip) for lunch, and as soon as she was finished she developed a "clown mouth" red blotches all around her mouth....I freaked and gave her a tsp of Benadryl...she seems to be doing fine now, but I am more scared and confused..she has been eating peas since 7 months..and the Doc said I did not have to avoid other legumes...just looking for all your wonderul input for you guys avoid legumes...was i right in just doing benadryl, is the epi really neccesary for such a stressed now. thanks

On Apr 20, 2008

Could it be the nuggets? Has she had them before.

On Apr 20, 2008

she eats them ALL the time...and no risk of cross contamination...i have taken to the net and I think it may be the Mustard...which I had no idea is a "secret" allergen that not too many talk about...This allergy thing is just so out of hand, no kid should have to go through this.

On Apr 20, 2008

Had she eaten mustard before? More and more people are becoming allergic to mustard.

On Apr 20, 2008

she def. had some last summer...its not something she has eaten regularly..I am really leaning towards the mustard on this one. I am calling the doc tomorrow

On Apr 20, 2008

So sorry to hear about the reaction. I would suspect the mustard as well. I think you were fine with the benedryl in my opinion. How long before the reaction cleared after the benedryl?

Edited to add to be very careful until mustard is ruled out. The epi could be needed for this as well. Please see the following:


On Apr 20, 2008

Thanks SkyMom-as always ;)

I gave her the benedryl, and about 5 min after I could see an improvement in the blotches on her face..and just like the first time she ate Peanuts, it was localized to her face only...this possible mustard reaction was acutally worse than the reaction she had to the peanuts..but again, just stayed on the face and no where else on the body. she is only 2, but can communicate with me on some things..and her belly and breathing were fine from what I could observe...just very scared now. I hope the allergist will see us.

On Apr 21, 2008

For what it is worth, when my daughter was diagnosed just over a year and a half ago, she went through a period where she reacted to everything. She was so sensitive. She had red blotches from literally almost everything she came in contact with. After a while that did calm down.

You did the right thing with the benadryl. I would definitely use caution when feeding her. It could be the mustard, but it could just be the acidity of it.

Does she have eczema or sensitive skin? My kids still have problems with spaghetti sauce and BBQ sauce sometimes. Even orange juice can sometimes turn the skin around their mouths red.

Best wishes to you. It is very frustrating I know, but you can do it!!


On Apr 21, 2008

I'm so sorry! I bet that was scary but great job getting the Benadryl at least and taking care of things. Have you talked to her allergist yet? Any new news? I have my fingers crossed it isn't another allergy for her.

On Apr 21, 2008

Thanks for all the help!!! Doc has ordered a test for mustard! so once results are in, I will report back.

so scary, but the silver lining in all of this is that she does have really sensitive skin, and always "looks red" so maybe it was just the can only hope I guess