Financial Assistance for Low-Income People Dealing with PA

Posted on: Wed, 03/28/2001 - 4:58am
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pI did e-mail Chris to see if he thought this was a legitimate action, which he did./p
pI do need at least one person in the U.S. that would be willing to help me with this as I do not know the workings of the U.S. government./p
pFirst of all, I want to find out if there is any financial assistance available for people dealing with PA. I want to know, if there is money available, if it is State or Federal money in the U.S. or Provincial or Federal money in Canada./p
pThen, if we find out that there are NO monies available anywhere to assist low income people dealing with PA, I would then like to suggest to all of us on the board that we write to our own state, provincial and federal officials asking for financial assistance for low income individuals dealing with PA./p
pI do believe the whole board can take part in this action if it does come down to contacting government officials, regardless of your own personal income level. The reason I say this is based on my belief that other people could be like me. This week we addressed Kellogg's re their labeling practices, etc. Now, I, personally, do not have any problems with Kellogg's Canada and did have to ask why we were addressing them at all. I found out that in the U.S. Kellogg's is not labeling as well as they are here. Because I want PA people in the U.S. to feel as comfortable and safe with Kellogg's products as I do in Canada, I contacted Kellogg's, basically on behalf of U.S. PA sufferers./p
pSo, even if you are in a high income bracket, hopefully you would still want to take some action in helping out people in lower income brackets to get some type of assistance re PA./p
pNow, if all of us look at this, we're probably thinking, what's the problem? I did receive an application from the Ontario government to apply for assistance. This is my "test" case. In going through the application, you do have to state how PA affects you financially. If you simply look at the additional costs incurred in buying name brand foods each week rather than no name, the dollars do actually add up. However, all of us manage to ensure that our children eat safely. That is not the /
In Ontario, a parent of a child with club feet receives some additional funds per month to deal with this "disability". However, the costs incurred per month by this parent would be considerably less than they are with a PA parent./p
pIf anyone feels uncomfortable posting in this thread, please feel free to contact me at my e-mail address./p
pThis is just the beginning of what could be considered a large mission. I do need an American counterpart to help me out with this. If I could have a person from each and every State in the U.S. and each and every province in Canada, that would be great. It would save a LOT of work on behalf of both the Canadian representative and U.S. representative./p
pI hope everyone understands what I am trying to do. /p
pRight now, I would simply appreciate any comments you have on this type of action./p
pMany thanks and best wishes! [img][/img]/p

Posted on: Thu, 03/29/2001 - 4:36am
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Great idea!!
Everyone needs to get to thinking on this.
How wonderful it would be to get the states or the federal government to get something going with peanut allergies.
One person MIGHT make a difference, but it takes more than one to make a POSITIVE CHANGE.
I think it would be wonderful to get the govt. to support peanut allergies.
Anyone got anymore ideas?!

Posted on: Thu, 03/29/2001 - 1:21pm
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I would think that since PA falls under the ADA umbrella as far as education goes, it wouldn't be too big a leap to get "disability benefits" for it too. I do know that many people who already *should* qualify for disability get turned down leading to a booming business for disability lawyers if my TV and phone book are any kind of indicators.
Unfortunately, my opinion above is ALL my knowledge on the subject LOL!

Posted on: Thu, 03/29/2001 - 2:05pm
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Just wanted to let you know the basics. If you are low income in the USA, you qualify for medical assistance, which would pay for all the epi-pens, doctors appointments, allergy testing, etc. The problem I am having is we are considered middle class, which there is no help for. The state of Florida has a health plan for kids without insurance, which we could qualify for. The problem is you can't have insurance and I am too scared to cancel mine to apply for that. It could take months to get it. Washington state has a Basic Health Plan, which middle class pays a minimal premium for and very small co-pays. I am going to call Social Security and see what it takes for disability for the food allergy to qualify for any benefits. I will let you know what I find out.

Posted on: Thu, 03/29/2001 - 2:18pm
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I realized that I could at least post the information for any people who
would also like to see in the Province of Ontario if PA would be
considered a disability whereby we could receive some funds each month
if we met the low-income status. This is the "test" case application I
am doing.
To get an application you have to call your local Ministry of Community
and Social Services Office and ask for the forms pertaining to
Assistance for Children with Severe Disabilities. I know that that
sounds really strong and offputting, but it does include club feet as
one of the disabilities.
Best wishes! [img][/img]

Posted on: Sun, 08/05/2001 - 1:22pm
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Anonymous (not verified)

I recognize that this thread, in particular, may be slow moving because of the issue we're tackling and also because we're dealing with the government. However, at least it's still here.
I wanted to post that I did finally submit my application for Assistance for Severely Disabled Children form to the Ministry of Community and Social Services on behalf of Jesse with regard to his PA only.
I received the application back this week with a doctor's form to have completed indicating the type of special diet that he requires (why they couldn't have included this with the original application, I have no idea).
So, I am still slowly but surely working on this. What I would like to do, when my left arm has decided that it isn't numb and feels like typing better is type out the actual letter I received from them which outlines their requirements for application and the maximum amount of funds per month you can receive.
It would also appear, from the wording in it, that this is the type of application that you will submit and expect to have denied upon first application. The type that you appeal and appeal, as you do for similar other programs in this province nowadays such as the Ontario Disability Support Program. So, again, it will be a long drawn out thing, but I still believe that it is worth doing and it is worth posting here for anyone who does need the information and doesn't want to post that they need it.
Best wishes! [img][/img]

Posted on: Sun, 08/05/2001 - 10:39pm
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I know this is just a quick fix to the problem, but FAI recently donated $1,500 to Medic-Alert to purchase memberships for low-income families that have children with food allergy. The family should be able to get a bracelet through the school nurse. I just talked with Medic Alert and the free memberships are available through September 15, 2001. If you contact your State Commissioner of Education in your state, he or she can funnel the information down through the superintendents and then principals. Ask the Commissioner

Posted on: Mon, 08/06/2001 - 12:53am
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Rhonda RS, excellent information! I'm wondering if you should post it in a separate thread of it's own in case people aren't looking at this one, but would look at one about financial assistance re MedicAlert. Do you know what I mean?
A lot of people may not need assistance on a regular basis when it comes to PA, but when it comes to a one-off like MedicAlert, this could be something that more people are concerned about.
Excellent post!
Best wishes! [img][/img]

Posted on: Tue, 08/07/2001 - 11:50pm
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Hi Cindy,
Do you mean start a new topic called "Free Medic Alert Bracelets"? In this forum

Posted on: Wed, 08/08/2001 - 6:37am
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Anonymous (not verified)

Rhonda RS, I would basically copy EXACTLY what you posted above and start a separate thread with whichever title you choose. Because of the importance of the information you have, which I felt might get lost in this thread, I think (and this is only my opinion) that it should go under the Main Discussion Board.
A lot of people mostly check Main Discussion Board and then they wander to other places if they feel the need, such as Schools, Take Action, or a lot of things do go under Living with PA. But this type of information, I don't think it would be mis-placed under the Main Discussion part of the board.
Often times, if I have information that I don't want to get missed, I'll post it under what it may be most appropriate to (i.e., Schools) and then use the same title and direct people to the thread either under Main Discussion or whatever other heading seems good.
Again, it is excellent information and I do believe it warrants Main Discussion Board space. I know a lot of people aren't visiting Take Action right now, and certainly not this thread, so otherwise you've posted GREAT information that, in all likelihood, would get missed.
Best wishes! [img][/img]

Posted on: Sun, 01/06/2002 - 5:21am
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I haven't forgotten about this one since my last post. The last time I posted, I had received a form to be filled out by Jesse's doctor for the ACSD program in Ontario. As of the time I moved November 1st, I still had not heard anything back from them.
I have a change-of-address form in with the post office so if they had sent me anything, I would have received it. However, I still haven't heard anything. So, on Thursday, I placed a call and left a message. I haven't heard back yet.
Since I have moved to a totally different municipality and these things are handled municipally now, I understand that I will probably have to re-do the whole application where I now live. But I want an answer from where I originally started.
So, obviously, since they didn't call me back Thursday or Friday, it's on my list of telephone calls to make.
Best wishes! [img][/img]


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