Finally had enough of the public school

Posted on: Thu, 01/02/2003 - 11:33am
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My daughter is now homeschooled. Well she will be when the materials arrive. They say it takes 3 to 4 weeks. So we will be doing this clear into the summertime trying to catch up since she has to start from the beginning.

The day of the christmas party was the last straw. I found a butterfinger in my daughters book bag a parent brought in with the treat bags. I showed the teacher the treat bag and told her it had peanutbutter in it, she takes the bag from me, said "oh with kind of a short quiet laugh and tosses the bag on the table. I picked the bag up and gave it to another child to take home so it wouldn't be in the classroom. The parent who brought this treat bag was standing by the teacher, this is why I told her about the treat bag hoping she would say something to the parent but nope she just tossed the bag on the table. She might as well tossed my childs life on that table because to me thats what it felt like she did. It wasn't taken seriously at all. I was stating out loud the day of the xmas party so some of the parents could hear me that my daughter couldn't eat anything that didnt have an ingredient lable and all the teacher said was she (meaning my daughter) had enough to eat. Grrrrrrrrrr What was she afraid of, this was going to make the parents feel bad, how else were they to learn.
Earlier in the week the teacher had left a plate with some peanutbutter fudge on her desk someone brought in for her. (how hard was it to take this to the teachers lounge or to her car) Since it rained that day the kids stayed in after lunch and played in their classroom. An aid goes from room to room checking on the kids so at times there is no adult in the room. I left my daughter alone in that room thinking she would be safe while I left and ate my lunch. Well thank god nothing happened but this is suppose to be a peanut free room. I have had enough.
It aggravates me to know that my tax money will go to this school and inturn I have to pay 800 dollars to home school.
If I try to send her back next year I will have a 504 plan in place for sure.


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Posted on: Thu, 01/02/2003 - 1:46pm
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Lynn - I am so sorry to hear of this latest problem at the school. I hope you only tremendous success with your home schooling or any other options available to you. Cheers,

Posted on: Fri, 01/03/2003 - 12:41am
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lynn1999_2000, I am SO sorry that you were forced to make this decision. My head would have exploded. [img][/img] I remember distinctly you raising threads here on how to have your daughter safely attend school and I think you got some pretty good advice. However, good advice is only as good as the person who ultimately has to receive it and put it into place, isn't it? (I mean, the teacher).
I am just so angry. School issues really make me angry because our children have the right to attend school and attend school in relative safety.
I don't understand her flip attitude re the butterfinger and I especially don't understand the pb fudge being left in the classroom (first of all, I don't understand it being allowed into the classroom at all, but whatever).
I went on a field trip with Jesse recently and at the gift shop they were selling fudge.
I checked the label and it said "may contain". We got back to the school and the teacher asked me if the fudge was okay. She hadn't bothered to check the label. I had, because of course, I would have loved to have bought some fudge. I told her that no, the fudge was not okay. She then asked the children in the classroom if anyone had purchased fudge (they hadn't) and if they had could they please take it home with them to eat.
Now, I may be extreme, but even this ticked me off. It's like she did it as an after thought because I was there as a volunteer and if I hadn't been there she wouldn't have asked about the fudge and wouldn't have checked the label and the other kids would have been eating it in the classroom.
However, this is mild in comparison to what you have experienced.
Do you really want to homeschool or right now do you really feel as though it is the only option available to you to keep your daughter safe?
Are you able to transfer your daughter to another school?
You know that you have all of us here supporting you should you want to get a 504 Plan written up and implemented for the next school year.
I totally understand where you're coming from but I also feel really angry that your daughter is not able to attend school.
Are you the type of person that could contact your local newspaper and let them know about the situation (and also do an informative article about PA at the same time)? It's okay if you aren't, I'm just wondering.
And while you're waiting for your home schooling supplies, I would also be writing to whoever it is in your State that you have to write to to let them know that this school is receiving YOUR tax dollars and yet you can't send your child there and why.
Please let us know how everything works out Lynn. I really feel for you. [img][/img]
Best wishes! [img][/img]

Posted on: Fri, 01/03/2003 - 3:17am
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Dear Lynn,
I'm so sorry that you have had such trouble with your daughter's school. I can understand how you have come to a point where you do not feel that you can trust that your daughter will be safe in this situation. Maybe, you can have your daughter placed into a different class or a different school, which would follow safe procedures to keep her safe and you comfortable with her safety. Many people here have their children in schools which provide relatively safe accomodations. Hopefully, you can find this type of situation, if that is what you truely want.
We homeschool and love it! BUT, it is not a decision that one should feel forced into. I had always been interested in homeschooling, and the food issue just gave me the needed nudge to pursue this option. My multiple food allergic child is in first grade, and he has always been homeschooled. My third grade son, with no fa's, decided this year to start homeschooling also, and I have already noticed a change in him. Homeschooled kids have a desire and love of learning that is hard to explain (no offense to anyone with children in schools). We use a combination of sit-down work and interesting field trips. We also belong to a home school cooperative, so that the children have a wide variety of classes and activities to choose from. It is not at all isolating or socially inferior to classroom schooling (this seems to be the reason given to dissuade the choice). If fact, children grow and learn to interact with children and adults of all ages (just like in real life), in positive social situations. It does mean, though, that you will have to want to put off, indefinitely, a career or adult activity that one might want to have once the children are off to school. But, it is an extremely rewarding opportunity, and I feel, a gift for my family.
Good luck with whatever decision is right for your family. Just know that you do have options, and you can choose one for now, and change your mind if that would be better in the future. Also, I don't know what grade your child is in, or the laws of your locale, but there is no need to wait for specific supplies. There are so many ways to learn: hands on experiences, things that you download from the web, homeschooling curriculum, and your local library all provide fantastic starting points. Try not to feel bogged down. There is really no need to extend school into the summer, unless you want to. Life contains innumerable learning experiences to teach and learn along with your child. If you need any info, my e-mail address is on file.
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Posted on: Fri, 01/03/2003 - 5:35am
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Hi lynn
I just read your post.I am so sorry this has happened to your DD.
I would call the newspaper and Local channel and the school distict,has well as a lawyer,Heck call everyone you know and tell them what has happen.The more people that know the more chance you have of fixing it.
You should not be forced to home school because of one teacher,she should be FIRED.
Call CBS Evening news they have been following the PA issue for a long time.
The teacher needs to go back to school and learn a lot more.
You should not be forced in to doing any thing.
I understand you wanting to keep dd safe.
If ther is any thing I can do please don't hesatate to let me know.
What state do you live in ? You can e-mail me.
Stay strong.
Love this site

Posted on: Fri, 01/03/2003 - 6:13am
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I'm assuming you're in the U.S. and had a 504. What provisions were in it if you had one? Was it violated and no one did anything about it?

Posted on: Fri, 01/03/2003 - 10:10am
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I am doing homeschooling out of A Beka Academy, it provides video learning and they send all the books and worksheets plus something to keep the test scores in order. My daughter is in kindergarten. They are really advanced in their studies so thats why I have to start over. I am hoping the first weeks go fast since she has aready had some teaching. While we have been waiting we have been doing some spelling, math and going over our letters and numbers.
Their wasn't much use going to the office and complaining about this teacher, for one principle doesn't do much for you unless you rant and rave and two I didn't want any of this taken out on my daughter when I wasn't there not saying that the teacher would have done this but I didn't want to take that chance. At least she's home with me where I know she is safe.
I have been writing notes for next year just in case I need a 504 plan. Very lost where that is concerned though. Do I write it up, and if so who signs it. What if principle doesn't agree with it then what? If this homeschooling doesn't work out I want to be prepared for next year when I walk into that school. At least with the 504 plan in place maybe they won't make so many or any mistakes since I can put their butt in a sling then.
I just don't understand this teacher not taking this seriously. There are kids from different classes coming in her classroom it seems at least once a week bringing her some kind of food item they brought in for their birthday or something, not once have I heard her ask them if it had peanuts in it, not to say they would know but she could have at least asked. But where do the food items sit, on her desk.
Cindy, I know what you mean about the after thought. By being there eveyday I seen plenty of what could have been after thoughts and that ticked me off as well.
The teacher even asked me one time if she could put some m & m's in the prize chest, of course they wouldn't be able to eat it in the classroom, hmmm or would she forget if I wasn't there and let a child go ahead and eat it, who the hec knows with all the mistakes that have been made. But why even take that chance and have it in there. I still never figured out when I had to substitute a snack item, the teacher wants it as close as possible to what the other kids were having but if they had something she couldn't have, oh well. I reckon its ok to let one kid do without but not 20, (I don't think so)!
I don't think any amount of information would make a difference where the school is concerned. I did have the principle look over some info on cross contamination and what peanut free meant so I could send home to the parents. She read it and did not feel concerned to do anythng else. I did get them sent home but I feel she thinks she's doing enough by having my daughter not sit with others who have peanut items in the lunchroom. Hmmmm, wonder if they would have remembered everday to do this if I hadn't been there. I can't help but wonder. I told her I was concerned about the cross contamination after the kids left the lunchroom and she said it would take two supervisors to see that the kids washed their hands and that would be too much. But did she bother to try to come up with something else, noooo its not her problem, why would she, she's just the principle. (ok I'm being sarcastic!)
If anyone has any suggestions for the 504 plan and how its done pleeasseee let me know! You Ladies are great! Thanks!

Posted on: Fri, 01/03/2003 - 3:23pm
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I began homeschooling my PA son this year. Technically he should be in Kindergarten (he is now 6), but because I had been working with him over the past couple of years we are working with a second grade curriculum. I would be interested to hear how the Abeka program works out for you. Right now I am using Scott Foresman.
I have one son in school and one being homeschooled.

Posted on: Sat, 01/04/2003 - 12:53am
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Hi Emmi
Were in Fla are you? You can E-Mail me
Trying to start a support group are you interested? Iam in WPB.
Love this site

Posted on: Mon, 01/20/2003 - 11:33am
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I homeschool too, and find it's much better for the kids than going to school. The freedom is incredible, and my son learns really fast. Nothing can beat one to one teaching, not even a qualified teacher.
I heard of the video teaching before, in good terms, but it would not be my first choice because it replicates a class room in your house, instead of taking advantages of your home life as a learning environment. But that's just MHO.
I'm in Quebec, but currently in Florida for 2 months. I couldn't do that if the kids were in school [img][/img]

Posted on: Mon, 01/20/2003 - 12:07pm
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i don't know what i'd do. i just don't feel i have the patience to homeschool my three girls. i just keep plugging away with public school and putting out fires, so to speak, as they happen. but, i do know what you mean about getting tired of it never getting better there. fortunately, my 7 yr old is learning steadily to be very vigilant for her safety while away from home. i'm proud of her for that but do hate that she has to carry that burden. last time we had an incident this year i showed up early for pickup (around the dreaded daily snacktime) and the teacher had sent my child alone out into the hall so the rest of the class could enjoy their peanut butter oreos. #*&@ !!!! i was upset on a couple of levels (peanut butter in the room, my kid singled out alone in the hall, teacher ignoring my request for safe room even though she claims to have a peanut-free room or a back up plan, etc..). i told the teacher we would be leaving for the day. she asked bryce to come back in the room and get her backpack and things. i said, "she can't come back in the room. i'll get her things for her. i'm not even real happy about her having to come back into this room tommorrow morning." bryce, by the way, has been hospitalized for a reaction that didn't even involve ingestion before. very sensitive. anyway, i hope you enjoy the homeschool experience. so many people i know do favor homeschooling over public school. i sometimes wish i felt comfortable making that decision myself. i hate having to trust my childrens' safety to someone else who doesn't consistently prove they are dedicated to taking care of them. all in all, we've had a good year this year (in spite of that particular incident) but every day i wonder what might happen. that's not a good feeling. joey


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