finally answers to son\'s hives


My son, Joe, has had rashes all over his arms on and off for the past year or so...

Allergy tests for foods had shown PA & a number of fruits - which we have been very vigilant about avoiding... especially becuz of past much worse reactions to tiny amounts of any of the allergens.

So when he developed these rashes with no seemingly rhyme or reason... we were discouraged thinking we weren't doing a good enough job of avoidance of whatever!

Joe is a very active 9yrold and loves the outdoors, nature, climbing trees, sticks, rocks, dirt, bugs, etc.

Well, our doctor and allergist decided to do further testing and found that Joe has multiple environmental allergies that have been causing his rashes on his arms.

At least we now have an answer, even tho I refuse to put him in a "bubble" and tell him he can't play outside and do the things he loves! We plan on starting allergy shots after ragweed season.

Anyone have any comments about allergy shots? We are very conflicted about this, but feel it really could be beneficial.

He takes Zyrtec every day now in addition to his Flovent inhaler for his asthma every day. I hate giving him medicine every day, however, we have been out of the ER since last November. Prior to that we were averaging 1-2x per month with an asthma attack or allergic reaction affecting Joe's breathing.

The allergist said shots would be weekly for 18mos - 24mos.... and last for approx 5 years. Plus, perhaps he could stop taking the Zyrtec daily.

This would also take him thru the teen years. When I've heard that it's most common for a reaction to become fatal because of possible embarrassment of a reaction may cause him to go off alone or delay important lifesaving help that could cost him his life.

On Aug 30, 2002

Just wanted to tell you that I got shots for environmental allergies, and they worked great. I did it for 17 years, although after the first year or two it was only once a month for maintainance. The difference was night and day.

On Sep 2, 2002

DS started allergy shots in June because he was SO sick so often, and we lived with his nebulizer for weeks on end. He looks better, and his peak flows are great! He has 23 weeks of daily shots, then every other week for a while, then down to monthly. I think we are almost halfway through his 23 weeks, and already we don't regret it. DS allergist couldn't believe how good he looked when she last saw him. [img][/img] Let's hope it lasts the winter! Kristi

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On Sep 11, 2002

Both of my kids have been taking allergy shots for a year now and I think it has helped but I think more benefits are to come. I know nobody wants to give their kids any treatments or medicine they don't have to, but I saw a segment on the news about allergy shots and they said that it helps to bring you back to a more normal state , I think personally it is the best thing we have done , now getting my kids on board with the shots took a little time but they do ok now and thats not a bad thing either because I really want them to be able to give themselves an epi-pen if ever neede, just a side benefit. good luck.


On Nov 1, 2002

Thank you so much for everyone who has commented with their experiences. It looks as though all have been beneficial with the shots.

Do you or your children still need any additional allergy medication?

Thanks again!

On Nov 1, 2002

I'm another allergy shot success story. I got shots from age 17 - 21 and then didn't require them any longer. My allergies rarely ever bother me. (I may literally have only 3 to 4 days a year when I take some Benadryl before bed because I feel quite congested from allergies.) I also used to get sinus infections every time I got a cold and this is no longer the case. By the way, I still live in the same area where I grew up so this is not due to a geographical change or anything like that. Good luck!