Field trip


I geuss the 504 plan we did for my child was not specific enough. I am highly upset with my childs teacher, they are going on a field trip, out of the two choices for lunch they decided to go to the place that could hurt my child. My question is this legal and what can I do to change this ?? His accomadation for this is for us to pack lunch or get a meal somewhere else. But he will be off to the side at a table all by himself. It doesn't seem to me like they want to include him in the group.

On Feb 8, 2008

Can he safely eat his own meal there or is just being in the reestaurant unsafe for him? If it is a place that has peanuts on the floor or other chance of exposure I would say it isn't legal becuasee your child can't be safely accommodated but if it is a matter of your child needing to bring food I don't personally have any issue with that. I want my son eating *my* food that I know is safe, particularly on field trips which are such high risk for those with FAs. Best wishes!