Field Trip


We have our first kindergarten field trip next month - to a farm. DH or I will accompany DD and we anticipate no major problems. We are wondering, however, whether we should ride the bus or take DD in our car, not so much to avoid the bus but just to have a car there in case something (short of needing EMS) happens. Any opinions?

On Sep 25, 2002

I would let her ride the bus to get the full field trip experience. Remind the teacher that no food should be eaten on the bus. If you really want your car there you could always allow her to go on the bus and you could follow in your car.

On Sep 25, 2002

At our son's school, they will not let the chaperones ride on the bus. We have to take our own car. They also won't let our children ride with us since they have to be accounted for with the roll book upon entering the bus and again when they leave the field trip...all children have to be accounted for.

I personally like having my own car there in case of an emergency. That way, I have my own transportation readily available.

Also, the EpiPens and Benadryl I supplied the school also stay with the teacher on the field trip since my child is in the care of the school. They will not let me carry them. I bring my own as well though! [img][/img]

------------------ Stay Safe!


On Sep 25, 2002

Ditto Connie's post.

Not to mention once you are past the age of 18, riding on those busses is thoroughly nauseating! [img][/img]