Favorite Safe Valentines candy


I have been searching and trying to put together a list of safe valentine candy. Post your favorites and or your recipes.


On Feb 6, 2003

Spangler Picture Pops Kellies Candies chocolate pops

On Feb 6, 2003

I have found Mike and Ikes (new cotton candy flavor is pink and white)and Nerds in Valentine's Day colors. (USA)

On Feb 6, 2003

For girls who love Barbie, Mattel has been coming out with seasonal Barbies. Last year we got Easter Barbie and Halloween Barbie; both were given in leiu of candy. I saw Valentine Barbies in the store yesterday.

On Feb 6, 2003

We are going the "candy free" route for valentines day. They still have stuff left over from Halloween and Christmas, so we are going to skip it. Instead, I made the kids iron on transfer t-shirts, got them Mickey Mouse Bobble head dolls (we just got back from Disney World), and I am going to tie mylar balloons to some stuffed animals.

Also, we are going to spend breakfast together with DH, in which I am going to make heart shaped pancakes.

I think they will be quite pleased.

On Feb 6, 2003

We found Valentine Dum Dum lollipops and Valentine Tootsie Rolls at Kroger.

On Feb 7, 2003

I got my DD a CD that has cute love songs sung by children. They have some good songs like "Silly Love Songs" by Paul McCartney.

We'll also make some red paper hearts and stuff like that.