FAN\'S School Food Allergy Manual

Posted on: Sat, 05/01/1999 - 12:24pm
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At the Chicago FAN conference today I was able to view FAN'S "The School Food Allergy Program" manual. We fortunately don't need it in the district we are in, but this looks like the manual to have if you were having problems convincing your school about your child's allergy. It costs $75 and comes with a video, training manual, poster, EpiPen trainer and more. They also have one for Day Care and Preschool, which includes 2 videos and more to educate caregivers. It also costs $75. FAN also has many informative pamphlets. I know a lot of you out there are already members of FAN but for those who aren't I would urge you to at least look at their website at [url=""][/url]
I hope this helps, I talked to a few people today that really seem to be having trouble with convincing their child's school to make changes. I feel fortunate to be in an excellent school district that understands our son's allergy.

Mary Kay


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