False Negatives/Positives??


Ok, I need some feedback bc I'm now thoroughly confused! :\ My son had a RAST (not a CapRAST) done at about 4 months old (bc he had head to toe eczema) which came back a 2 for peanut (.36) & a 3 for wheat (.6). The doc said these results could be false bc his immune system was still developing, but recommended I still go on a peanut & nut exclusion diet. I did this & the only relief my son had was from the steroid cream the doc perscribed, Desonide. A month & a half into this diet, we took him to an allergist & I insisted that my son have a pin prick test done for several things, & he came back with no allergy to peanuts nor wheat but he was a 5 for dairy! Keep in mind, the RAST he had done showed NO allergy to dairy. Since then, I've switched my exclusion diet to milk products (since I've read that skin testing is more accurate than blood, especially the RAST) & have been on this for about 2 1/2 weeks. My son's eczema hasn't completely disappeared yet, but I've read it takes a month to see improvement in nursing infants & especially in skin rashes. But it has definitely improved. Still, there seem to be unexplained flare ups from time to time, which could be induced by environmental factors (like the heater being on, etc). We've also since stopped using the steroid cream completely. The allergist said we shouldn't be using it that much & especially not on his face (which is primarily where we were using it...). We're now using Vanicream & Aquaphor. But after reading stuff on this site about how skin tests could be wrong too, I'm thoroughly confused...at the time of his RAST, I was eating everything (wheat, nuts, dairy, etc). But, at the time of his skin prick test, I wasn't eating wheat or nuts. I asked the allergist if this would've given a false negative for those & he said no...but I've read otherwise. I'm thinking of having my son CapRAST tested for wheat, nuts, & dairy now, just to be sure. He is now 6 months old & I'm afraid of introducing baby food to him for fear of him having a bad reaction to anything. Anyone out there have a similar experience? Advice??