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false food allergy ?

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hello! does anyone have any info on this? false food allergy is caused by foods that tigger the mast cells directly.

The symptoms of histamine posioning are, nausea, diarrhoea, skin rashes , flushing and headaches. These symptoms clear up after 12 hours.

My problem? William had a reaction last night to a yeast spread product,( bovril which I used to make gravy , very small amount used !), instant reaction, but only symptoms shown are hives around mouth, and throat constricting , becoming hard to swollow. Thankfully priton worked,(epi-pens at the ready!!!) but am aware that this is not good news. had a very worrying evening, but he seems OK today(just tired) and back to school.

i would like to read up on this aspect of allergy , which I had previously thought was not life threatening, in fact thought it was an intolerance type of food problem ! Any links would be gratefully recieved!!! sarah

On Jan 21, 2004


Histamine in foods

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On Jan 21, 2004

Sarah, I hope this link helps you. If you click on the link the page has some other topics you can link to as well.

Im glad you posted this, because I see some symptoms of this in myself and my dh.

Im also wondering, when you have kids with allergies, should you avoid all these foods with histamine? Does it "fill their glass"? so to speak?? Im going to have to look into this more.

On Jan 21, 2004

thank you!!!!! Have tried to ring my sons allergy doc , or the hospital's pead allergy nurses, no joy so far, as I think this incident needs to be added to his hospital notes, and I need some clear advice here!!! Once again thanks for the link! sarah

On Jan 21, 2004

Here are some more links. I am fascinated by the problems this can cause! I think this may be the cause of all my headaches. Although you have to avoid chocolate so I may prefer the headaches!!





I cannot believe all the problems you can have from foods with high histamine levels : headaches, migraines, anxiety attacks, panic attacks, thinning hair, itchy skin, nervous energy, aggravates rosacea, difficulty focusing, memory problems, dizziness , balance problems, periods of tiredness to exhaustion. All added to those that mimic allergic reaction.

Thank you Sarah!