Falmouth, Cape Cod


Hi, We are going to Falmouth for a week-long vacation in June and I am thinking ahead of where we can eat out with our PA son (who also has to avoid shellfish for now, although we don't know if he is allergic to shellfish). Anyone has good or bad experiences to share about the restaurants there? I'm thinking of the more established places like Friendly's, Hearth & Kettle, Papa Gino's, Pizza Hut, 99 Restaurant...don't think we would dare go to small mom and pop-type places. Thanks!


On May 27, 2005

Friendly's makes me nervous with all the nuts they have in the ice creams.

If you are avoiding seafood, this may be difficult on the Cape if you order anything fried (i.e. french fries) since there is so much seafood there and they may use shared friers. Pizza and McDonalds are probably your safest bets.

On May 27, 2005

Dh and I had our wedding reception in Falmouth at a place called The Coonamessette (sp?) Inn. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

All the restaurants you listed I would feel comfortable with [b]EXCEPT[/b] Friendly's. IMO, Friendly's is completely unsanitary. (They were having some problems with ecoli last year, I think...you can do a search for "Friendly's" and find that link on this board.)

I've been to many throughout the years and it just seemed like they were getting much worse with each visit.

It just makes me shudder to think that they actually prepare food in their restaurants. YUK!

On May 27, 2005

We went to Falmouth last summer and there is a great Irish Pub on the main st in Falmouth center that was excellent. The food is great and some nights they have irish bands playing too, so after you eat you can stay and enjoy. my kids had a blast. When we eat out, we like to try nicer restaurants than the ones you mentioned, but most of the ones you did mention would probably be safe in that area of the cape, provided that you tell them about your childs allergies. Enjoy.

On Jan 30, 2006

Dad of Two - was the pub Liam Maquire's? The place looks great! I would like to try it.


On Jan 30, 2006

Don't go to Bickford's! We went there and I wasn't pleased with the way they handled PA. Its like an IHOP, they aren't good either.

On Feb 1, 2006

I thought that Bickfords was safe. Several years ago, someone had an anaphylactic reaction in on of their restaurants so they took nuts off the menu completely. Now, given the fact that I no longer live in New England, I may not be completely up on the facts but I would think it would certainly be worth a call. I remember they had that wonderful "Big Apple Pancake". It was awesome!