FALCPA (Food Allergen Labeling & Consumer Protection Act)


The FALCPA has finally been reintroduced into the house by Nita Lowey. The bill is H.R. 3684.

Urge youre representative to support this bill! It will mandate labeling of allergens in foods!

Also, contact your Senator and urge them to support S.741, the Minor Use and Minor Species Animal Health Act. Title II of that bill is the companion legislation of the FALCPA in the House.

Do it today! CALL today! It appears they are going for passage BEFORE Christmas, so there isn't much time!



On Apr 8, 2004

Its never been more important than now that you write to your representatives and ask them to support H.R.3684.

I have to admit, I missed it until it was called to my attention tonight. I've been watching for the food industry backlash against the FALCPA, and haven't seen as much in previous years.

Well, apparently, just as Ted Kennedy took a novel approach of attaching the FALCPA to an unrelated bill, the food industry has taken a different approach, as well.

There is a strategy for passing legislation based on the model set by the California Emissions legislation. After California passed strict emissions laws, other states started doing the same. Facing a regulatory nightmare of possibly FIFTY different emissions standards, the auto industry quickly compromised on federal emissions legislation.

Since that time, similar attempts have been made to do the same in other regulatory areas, and food allergy legislation is no different. Initiatives are being tried in several states to pass state level food labeling laws, which puts real pressure on the food industry to accept federal legislation like the FALCPA instead of different labeling standards in each state.

However, H.R.2699 is poison pill legislation. It basically prohibits states from enacting their own food labeling legislation. That way, states can't pressure the food industry to accept a federal standard.

H.R.2699 has ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN CO-SPONSORS! If you recall, so far, H.R. 3684 has only THIRTY EIGHT.

It is VERY important to get the word out to EVERYONE you know to support H.R.3684. There is a titanic battle in the Congress going on over this issue, and we must do everything we can to insure passage of this legislation this year.

If the legislation is not passed before the election, and John Kerry (who has pledged to enact food labeling legislation in his first 100 days) is not elected, we will not see this legislation passed for AT LEAST another four years.

Moreover, another reason for the big push is that food labeling laws for trans-fats go into effect in 2006. If the FALCPA rides the coattails of that legislation, it will be MUCH more palitable to the food industry to change the labels once, rather than changing them in 2006, and then have to change them again a few years later for yet another change in the law.

The time is now, folks. If we don't get this through soon, IT WILL NOT HAPPEN.

Please, contact your representatives today. Then ask 1000 of your closest friends to do the same.



On Apr 9, 2004

I went to a town meeting a couple of nights ago with my rep. I asked him if he would co-sponsor the bill. He was surprised that he was not and asked me to call his office the next day. I have spoken to someone in the local office who has passed it along to the Washington office. They are supposed to get back to me but I don't expect anything until after Easter break. The only bad part is that he is a democrat. While I guess any co-sponsor is a good co-sponsor, it seems to be more effective when they are from the majority.