Fairly new to PA with a few questions


Forgive me if these have been asked before--My daughter, 22 months, was diagnosed PA shortly after she turned 18 months. When tested for peanuts, the allergist also tested for some other foods, I'm not sure why he chose the ones that he did. Anyway, it appears that peanuts are the only problem so far. Is it common for someone to only be allergic to peanuts or should I expect to see other allergies develop as she gets older? I am now afraid, after some of my reading here, of sesame seeds, and dried beans & lentils. Should we be avoiding these? We have decided to avoid all tree nuts also. I know that many times asthma goes hand in hand with food allergies. We have seen no signs of this with her yet. Is it too early to assume that she won't have it? My husband had it as a child. He also had (and still has) food and environmental allergies. Thanks for any input!

On Jan 26, 2001

My daughter was tested for pecans when she was tested for peanuts and the results were negative.But we too have had her avoid nuts.What else was your daughter tested for? I don't know about the asthma and when it can be detected. It is not something I researched since no one in my family has had it. The allergist told us to just avoid peanuts. She has had soup with beans and peas and chick peas before we had her tested so we knew these were ok. Sorry I can't help much except to say that our daughter seems to be just allergic to peanuts and nothing else. As far as having other allergies developing, I have heard that allergies can come into your life at any point. Good luck. Read the archives here. There is alot of reat info. Read all labels and keep an epi-pen with her at all times. Glad to have you aboard and I think your screen name is cute!

On Jan 26, 2001

You can develop an allergy to anything at any time. As for asthma, I've had it since age 2 at least, but my brother didn't develop it until about 12. Another brother developed it at 7. So far, neither of them has it anywhere close to as bad as I did/do, but it's there. I certainly don't have the worst case of asthma, but I have had numerous BAD attacks. Not enough to require hospitilization, but enough to send me to the ER for a few hours.

My aunt has problems with asthma every day, and as far as I know she didn't develop it until jr. high/high school (I could be wrong). My mom developed it earlier than that. My grandpa didn't develop it until he was in his 50s,he's been hospitalized several times with it. I'm sure both my kids will end up with it too, just not sure when it will show up. I think my 3yo has slight asthma when she gets sick, but so far my 2yo has shown NO signs.

Just judging by my family, I would say that asthma too, can develop at any time. I don't know of anyone in my family that had it before age 1-2, but do know friends who have children with asthma younger than that.