FACE CREAMS - Peanut Allergy Information


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what face creams do you all use. i was using ponds, called them and everything. now i cant find the one i was using. the new one i bought has soy in it and im not comfortable with that. i am wondering if anyone uses aveeno, nivea, loreal, neutrogena. ive talked to neutrogena and aveeno. aveeno says they are nut free but i dont think they are. neutrogena cant GUARANTEE ANYTHING. im wondering if i read ingredients if it will be ok. lots of them have sunflower oil and shea butter!! gosh doesnt that break people out!!! ive used all these brands before PA diagonosis.

On Dec 7, 2005

I use Oil of Olay the fragrance free in the jar (moisture therapy sensitive skin it's called) as well as the fragrance free nighttime anti aging or whatever, Regenerist Nighttime. Also in a jar. We avoid soy as well as PN/TN and so far no problems. These jars are a few months old so check the label.

On Dec 10, 2005

I use AHA Souffle by Alpha Hydrox. Its the 3rd product down on the link and all the ingredients are listed. Some of the other products use soy, I was told that there are no peanuts used in any of the products. (They list Fragrance in the original line which inspired me to ask.) I use to buy this at Walmart, but now I can only get it online. The AHA works better that anything I've tried on fine lines.


On Dec 11, 2005

I always use Neutrogena products (including their sunblock). I read the ingredient lists and have never seen peanut products.