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We went camping at an event with 12,000 other people last week. We camp in a group and share a food plan with about 20 - 25 other people. We all take turns cooking, shopping, etc. When we arrived, the camp had already been set up and working for a number of days. Within minutes of arriving the woman who runs the kitchen (sets it up, collects food money and doles it out, etc.) came over to me and said that they had checked all the food and everything was peanut safe except one bag of Chex Mix that had a "processed in a facility..." warning on it. This absolutely blew me away because I hadn't even asked. In previous years, we just cooked Claire's food separately and kept a cooler at our tent of safe foods for her. It was no big deal for us since she often doesn't like the camp food anyway and eats a lot of pre-packaged convenience foods while on vacation. I don't know why this year the whole camp, without discussing it, just went peanut free for Claire without blinking or complaining. The camp also included three other small children who normally DO eat PB and they too were perfectly happy to go without for a week. I didn't see one trace of a Snickers bar wrapper anywhere all week, except for the last day when a woman from a neighboring camp came over with a jar of peanuts in her hand. I asked her to please not open it because of my DD's allergy and not only did she comply with that but she actually took it out of the camp, washed her hands, and came back to continue our conversation. Again, I didn't ask for that much. She just did this on her own because at some point someone made her aware of the danger of this allergy. How cool is that? Maybe people really can "get it" in time!

On a related note, Claire decided on vacation that it was a good time to test her epipen to find out what would happen if she injected herself (I'm actually amazed that it took her 7 years to try this!). She injected her lower leg. I caught her as she was pulling the needle out with a kind of stunned and guilty expression on her face. We hauled her over to the EMS tent and the guys there were great--calmed her down (she was scared, and the extra adrenaline didn't help!), checked her heart rate and blood pressure (all fine), determined that she hadn't gotten much of the dosage since she pulled it out almost as soon as the needle hit, and sent us on our way with a warning that she might not sleep much that night. She did anyway--I really don't think she got much of the epi at all.


On Aug 22, 2006

i don't think i'm at the point (or will ever be) that i would trust someone i didn't know in a large group setting to "get it" comletely (however, i guess i do this in restaurants routinely....hmmmmm) but i'm so glad it went well for you guys and that you had a great time.

i don't think my girls would be brave enough to test their epipens. i would hve totally freaked out! i would have needed medical care, most likely. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img] you must have a very inquistive child.