FA parent dicriminating against other FA...


I am in the middle of an interesting discussion on another board, and i am sooo glad for this board, and everyones frendliness and helpfullnes! maybe im just feeling extra momma-bear-ish today, but it hits close to home, since i have a coconut allergic kiddo. The other board is not food-specific, and the conversation is regarding coconut being considered a tree nut. one mom of a fa kid actually said the fda were idiots for this, because it rules out a lot of foods her kids could eat but dont due to the warning. (someone cited dr woods as having said that there was ONE case where someone allergic to treenut reacted to coconut as well, and thats why it was considered tree nut)... the way i see it, if it has a warning and you see coconut in the label, then CALL, if your kid isnt allergic, and theres no other cross-contam issues, then have at it! i read somewhere on here (and couldnt find it after a lengthy search) that the reason it is considered tree nut is because the proteins are cross-reactive, somewhat like peanut/tn not related, but react to one another... can anyone help me find that by any chance? im probz just missing it!

i guess im more just venting that the parent of a fa kid would discriminate against another allergy, in the same way that a non-fa parent would discriminate against a pn free clssroom... you expect it from someone who doesnt have to deal with it day in and day out, but from another fa parent im dumbfounded. am i wrong? or overreacting? just venting i suppose...

On Mar 27, 2008

This is what FAAN has to say about coconut:


My son tests positively as TNA, however we do not avoid coconut. This has worked for us. He ate it before diagnosis and continues to eat it occasionally now.


On Mar 27, 2008

My son has a peanut allergy. he has tested negitive to all the tree nuts. However, he has never actually had a tree nut because we have been avoiding for so long. We do have coconut.. with no issues he had it before any of the controversy so I will continue to let him have it. I guess I am not sure what the issue is? Does your daughter have a tree nut allergy too? or just a coconut allergy ?

On Mar 28, 2008

it doesnt have as much to do with the allergy itself, but that she is discriminating against one fa, basically in the same manner that a non-fa parent would have issue with making a classroom peanut free... my guess is because her child didnt have that particular allergy.... it sickens me to think that one allergy would be considered "less important" with regards to labeling and keeping our kiddos safe, just because it is a less common allergen. if my son was in class with a child with an egg allergy, as a FA-parent i would sure not sit there and send scrambled eggs with my kid to school or argue that it makes my life difficult... fa parents and kids have it hard enough finding safe foods, that it disgusts me to see that people actually would like things to regress. the majority of the discussion was regarding how everyone is idiots and the fda shouldnt label it as a treenut because dr woods cited ONE case of ONE person with tna having a reaction to coconut, and thats why its labeled, but that the label rules out a lot of foods that could otherwise be safe for their kid.

On Mar 28, 2008

OIC thanks for the clarification