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Expired epi-pen

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I just wanted to remind everyone to check the expiration dates on their epi-pens. We recently had an experience where HEB mislabeled our epi-pens to show their expiration date 5 mos after the epi-pens themselves stated they were to expire. We brought them to HEB to show them their mistake and they were not very sympathetic. Needless to say we will never use their pharmacy again. Please be sure your epi-pens are current. Thanks.

By Chantel Donnan on Apr 19, 2013

Thanks for the tip! How do you know if the expiration date is mismarked?

By rwbennett on Jul 16, 2013

The expiration date on the sticker the pharmacist had put on the epi - pens was different from the one on the manufacturer had on the pens themselves and the epi-pen box. Make sure they all match up.

By mom1995 on Jul 23, 2013

We have used HEB for over 12 years. Having to get new epi-pens nearly every year. I have always called first and when I did go in to drop off the script I asked for pens dated a min of one year. There have times that the pharmacist ordered new pens for me and we were luck to get 18 months life on those. So really its all about communication. And as has been posted on here before an expired epi-pen is still good another 6 months to a year. Its just not as strong. We keep the expired one for another 6months as our third and fourth back up. It is unfortunate that you had an issue. Sorry for your frustration.