Experience in Jewish Hosp in Denver?


We have had three severe episodes in the past two months: one near fatal anaphylactic with hospitalization and the others "merely" ER visits requiring treatment! Although our physicians are excellent, does anyone have experience with the research hospital in Denver? Son is severely allergic to peanut, soy, chick pea and to a lesser extant all other legumes.

On Nov 28, 2006

Yes I was a patient in the pediatric day program (twice) for evaluation of asthma and multiple food allergies when I was 16 and then again a year later. My younger brother also was seen at National Jewish but as an outpatient for possible immunological issues, multiple food and drug allergies, and chronic sinus issues - he was 7 at the the time of his evaluation.

I have absoltuely nothing but wonderful things to say about the hospital. Please feel free to contact me off boards- my email is in my profile. Allison

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On Nov 29, 2006

I dont have direct experience but one of my support group members just got back from a 2 week stay there. She was literally thrilled to tears with the progress they made in her daugher's case.

her daugher (6) had severe eczema--she was covered in it, even her face. She would go to the nurse during the day for additional cream.

They had a 2 week stay there. They did wet wraps for her eczema and by the fourth day, she got up to go to the bathroom and noticed that for the very first time in her life, her skin had cleared completely.

She said "mommy, I look amazing" and she did. She was all clear!

Her mom had me crying with this story.

Anyway, they also did some work with food challenges, and she is now able to eat some foods that she wasnt before. I think peanut was one of them.

They said her overall IgE was SOooo high with the infected eczema.That made all of her scores higher than usual and some were false positive.

Dont get me wrong, she still has food allergies but they were able to get to the bottom of real vs false. They also got a great handle on her eczema. She said they were also very in touch with the psycho-social side of food allergies.

Take care, Gina

On Nov 30, 2006

what did they do for her eczema?