Excellent article - Anaphylaxis & Emergency Treatment


I found an article online by Dr. Hugh Sampson, titled: Anaphylaxis and Emergency Treatment.

Hopefully, this link will work! [url="http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/cgi/content/full/111/6/S2/1601"]http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/cgi/content/full/111/6/S2/1601[/url]

It covers so many things that we've been discussing here lately. It's one of the best articles I have read.

On Nov 6, 2006

That is an excellent article. Thanks for posting it...

On Nov 7, 2006

Wow. This is a good article. Thanks so much.


On Nov 7, 2006

Great article--thanks!

one question I have . . . I noticed that it mentions that saline soln + sometimes glucagon is administered in the case of a severe anaphylactic reaction.

Anyone know what glucagon is (I know it is naturally in the body--but what is it synthesized from)? Is that different than glucose? My concern is that it is probably derived from corn.

On Nov 7, 2006

Adele- thank you so much for posting this article. It is very helpful and informative.

On Nov 7, 2006

I liked Fig 1. Management of acute anaphylaxis. I'm going to print it out and put it with my Epis and benadryl [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

Kids here have their 'allergy management plan' things that FAAN or their schools have...us adults don't have those! I was thinking of 'making my own' up anyone to put with my med-kit along with important phone numbers.


------------------ 30-something survivor of severe peanut/tree nut allergy

On Nov 7, 2006


You always find the best articles, including the one on GI allergy. The Table 2 (the Ana. Symptoms and Grading Chart) link is such a wonderful reference to keep on hand.

I especially like that he spelled out indications for Epi including peanuts, tree nuts and shellfish ingestion or being >15 min from an emergency room.

I can think on one instance last year where I should have gone ahead with the Epi, as we were vacationing at a resort that was 30 min from a hospital (country roads, no less). Love that resort, but it's just not within my comfort zone at the moment because of the distance to and ER.

Many thanks, Daisy

On Nov 8, 2006

This is so helpful. Thanks!

On Nov 8, 2006

This is great. It just spells everything out.

Would you dare show this to an allergist as a way to dicuss treatment plans? Our allergist has a different take on Epipen vs. Epipen Jr., and I'd love to show him this opinion; I'm afraid our plan isn't quite right for my DD. Do you think Drs. would be offended by that, or receptive because it's such a respected source?

On Nov 8, 2006

About glucagon--my husband is a type 1 diabetic, so here's what I know. Glucagon is a hormone the body produces naturally. Its function is kind of the opposite of insulin, glucagon raises blood sugar (insulin lowers it). It sort of makes sense: too much insulin can result in the body going into shock. In my husband's case, if his blood sugar goes too low from too much insulin, he could go into shock, lose consciousness, etc. We have an injection of glucagon that I am supposed to give him in that instance. (Unlike Epipens, it's not automatic--you have to draw it, bleck.) Fortunately, I've never had to do it.

I don't know what synthetic glucagon is made out of, but if you search some diabetes sites, you may be able to find out. Or ask an endocrinologist.

Hope this helps. I am not a doctor or nurse or other health care professional, so be advised that my understanding of this is as a "civilian" only, based on our experience with diabetes. Please research elsewhere for more information to back up what I've said (and if I'm totally off, let me know!!!!).

~Jenn Ryan (4.5) PA, Morgan (1.5) NKA

On Nov 8, 2006

Jenn, Thanks for the info. on glucagon. I've done some googling to no effect. I'll keep on looking for an answer, though.

Seeing as it is a hormone, I'm less concerned about corn . . .I was just associating glucagon with glucose.

On Nov 8, 2006

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