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European Food Labelling

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This is a link to UK food regulations, [url=""][/url]

and this is a link to Irish food regulations : [url=""][/url]

The unfortunate thing about Europe is that there is no one law on food labelling. Although there was a Directive issued in 1983 (or thereabouts), no EU member has to abide by it, and can change it to suit their own needs - it is entirely up to the government of the particular country. Non EU countries probably have completely different laws altogether.

I know most of you (US and Canada) will stay away from mainland European food anyway, but I would just like to point out that just because 1 country in Europe has one law, even a neighbouring country may have a completely different law - so BE VERY CAREFUL!!!!

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On Dec 6, 2000

Gwen - you're a star !!

------------------ Nick (PA sufferer)

On Dec 6, 2000

Thanks so much, Gwen! VERY helpful information!