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We would like to plan a trip to Europe & are wondering which countries are most PA aware. We have been to Italy where few peanuts are eaten, we have been to the French Alps where peanut oil was used in practically every restaurant. It sounds like Paris & the rest of France is similar so I'm wondering whether my daughter with her PA can go there & feel sae. How is Belgium peanut-wise, do the restaurants also peanut oil as a staple? Netherlands?

By mmg on Jul 5, 2010


I have traveled successfully in France-both in Paris and the Alsace region. Last year I went to Brussels and did not have a problem there either. I am heading back to France next year and know others who live there full time with a nut allergy. The tennis star, Serena Williams is also allergic to peanuts and spends quite a bit of time in Paris. If they cook in peanut oil you can always order something that is not cooked in oil. Also, sometimes (if you are staying for a week or longer) it is cheaper to rent an apartment. You can than cook your own meals if you like.

Have fun!


By BestAllergySites on Jul 10, 2010

When is the last time you've traveled to Europe? With the rise in food allergies (as well as peanut allergy) many places/countries have stopped their use of peanut oil.

When we went to France it was my understanding that Olive Oil was used far more at least in the Southern part of France.

I agree with the previous poster--you can get a house or apt. Also, order foods that will less likely be prepared in peanut oil. Salads etc. And of course--I'm sure you can always request a different prep method and oil.

I would be more worried if you were thinking of going to Asia.

Higher end restaurants are also more likely able and willing to honor your requests.

Why not call a few places beforehand and ask for peace of mind?

If all that fails--I would guess (and it's just a guess) that England or Ireland would be great places to travel for those with nut allergies.

Hope that helps!

By Elldale on Jul 10, 2010

We were in France in 2006 and found peanut oil was commonly used- even to drain pasta! I understand I can ask for a meal that is not made with peanut oil but do not feel comfortable with it in the kitchen. Doing your own cooking of course is a possibility depending on accomodations.

By Zachnunes on Jul 14, 2010

I have never been to France but in Germany, Austria, Greece, Portugal, Spain, and Italy I never saw peanut oil used anywhere.

It surprises me that France uses peanut oil.

By delicardofoodie on Aug 9, 2010

I'm in Germany and haven't come across peanut oil. Sunflower oil, Olive oil and Raps oil are the staples here.

The UK is very aware of allergies from my experience. When I was working at a school in London in 2002 they has to label any meals that might contain nuts (it was a boarding school).

By sidni on Aug 12, 2010

I lived in Germany, and was back to visit last year, and I never had a problem with peanuts. I do recall seeing pasta sauce with peanut oil in it on the shelf at the supermarket, so I was careful when eating pasta out-- just in case! Weird, right?

In Italy, I had no problems either although a LOT of places in the cities use peanut oil in the kitchens, surprisingly. Mostly in the friers. I encountered this frequently on the island of Ischia, in Rome, in Napoli, in Venice, and Florence and Lucca as well. In other cities, I didn't encounter this at all. Pizza was generally made in a different part of the kitchen and was very pure, so to speak, so I ate pizza often :)

I have had no problems with nuts in Belgium or Austria, nor in Ireland.

By hansola on Dec 26, 2011

I regularly travel to Europe and just recently went to Austria, Switzerland and Luxemburg. THEY HAVE NO CLUE about nut allergies OR issues of cross-contamination. They may not use peanut oil but they do use all varieties of nuts and offer no disclaimers. If you want to go someplace outside the US or Canada, Mexico and Australia are your best bets. Cruise lines will also do their best to accommodate one.