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Did anyone else see "ER" last night? They had a patient brought in by ambulance and the medic said something like "She's possibly in severe anaphylaxis, we found a medic alert tag that said she's allergic to peanuts". Boy did I sit up to see how this would play out on the show! Unfortunately, this ended up being just a quick part where they didn't even mention anything else about anaphylaxis or peanut allergies, just had jokes about how obese the patient was. Pretty disappointing. But at least the words "anaphylaxis" and "peanut allergy" were put out there for the general public to hear and were shown to be severe - the patient was wheeled in unconscious. That's possitive!


On Jan 22, 1999

Hi Sue ~

Yes I saw it and it startled me and got my attention too! I was dissappointed when there was very little mention of peanut. This was our BIG opportunity and I'm afraid most must have missed it since it was so early on in the show and might have been distracted by the obsesity issue.


On Feb 9, 1999

I was disappointed in how they portrayed it, too. Also with the shellfish allergic obese woman in "Dr. Doolittle". Even further back, I was upset when the theater audience laughed when Robin Williams put pepper in the dinner of Pierce Brosnan's (?) pepper allergic character in "Mrs. Doubtfire" But it's my perception that ER (out of all three) is more accountable to accurate portrayals - I've considered writing but haven't yet.

On Feb 9, 1999

A while back there was an episode of 'Diagnosis Murder' where a character had peanut allergy and was wearing a medic alert braclet with a diamond on it. The character said something to the effect- it was to get people's attention incase he stopped breathing, he wanted them to know why and a diamond was the best way to get people's attention. Oddly, the character was a caterer- high risk career if you ask me!

On Dec 11, 2003


Originally posted by Donna: [b]. Oddly, the character was a caterer- high risk career if you ask me![/b]

[i]But what an opportunity to make a difference. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/biggrin.gif[/img][/i]

On Dec 11, 2003

Last week ER had another anaphylaxis case, I believe it was due to a drug allergy, and the patient died. The first thing my dh did was look at me and say "should you be watching this??".

It really scares me when I realize that even in an ER they sometimes cant save you from it. (Yes , I realize this is only a TV show, but we know it can happen.)

On Dec 11, 2003

They also OD'd one of the new residents on epinephrine. He actually survivied. He has asthma and was having a terrible attack while trying to work after the big helicopter crash/explosion. They drew up some epi and gave him too much. Put him into an arrhythmia it looked like, so thet defibrillated him and he was fine in a bit.


On Dec 11, 2003

momma2boys, I saw it to,I think it was Pinicillin(sp)? I feel any (GOOD) awarness is a step in the right direction. Love this site Synthia

On Dec 12, 2003

SueQ., I've traded off ER for Without a Trace now on Thursday nights so I've missed all this season of it and despite commercials showing Dr. Carter coming back from some other country, I wasn't enticed to watch the show.

However, even though it wasn't dealt with well, from what I've read, I guess it's good that it got a mention regardless. As I post extensively under Media every time I see a show, within the last year especially, I have seen a HUGE increase in the number of shows (usually crime dramas or sitcoms) that are mentioning PA specifically or at least anaphylaxis.

With the crime dramas, I find it disheartening because someone is usually murdered, with their allergen being introduced into their system somehow and just recently there was a suicide as well.

I'll never forget the first show where I saw it - Nash Bridges. I remember how I just really focused on what happened and how they handled it and you know what? That hasn't stopped and that has to be from at least three years ago.

As people always post when I post about the shows under Media, any attention can be seen as "good" attention. I often feel uncomfortable with it, but at least food allergies are being talked about (even if sometimes incorrectly even by the food allergic parents in the shows - see The District - allergic to peanut butter) and anaphylaxis is being mentioned.

So, one ER this season I'm sorry I missed. But I do love Without a Trace.

And yes, ER would have been *the* show with the opportunity to portray the allergy seriously.

Best wishes! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]


On Dec 13, 2003

The most recent anaphylaxis reference on ER was a death due to a reaction to contrast dye.

And BTW Cindy, you didn't miss a thing on ER this week. Awful episode, IMHO. Carter bores me to tears. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/wink.gif[/img]


On Dec 13, 2003

I also watch Without a Trace on Thursdays at 10 pm. Great show. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

On Dec 13, 2003

Amy, I agree. What a boring episode. They should leave Carter in Africa and leave Luka where he is. It was also pretty sad. What happened to holiday episodes with a happy ending? Both ER's Christmas episode and Law and Order SVU's Thanksgiving episode ended with a child dying. How depressing!

On Dec 13, 2003

Going Nuts, thanks for saying I didn't miss anything by missing ER the other night. I don't know if I even watched much of it last year. First of all, I couldn't figure out why they turned Luca into a *bad* guy. Then, I couldn't understand the relationship between Carter and Abby. I understand that he wanted to "save" her but she didn't want to be saved and it just became so trite to me. I saw the commercials and thought, I didn't even know he was out of the country, I thought he had returned previously, thought Luca was dead and then somehow alive, and it's just one of those shows that to me, has had it's day.

Now, if Without a Trace wasn't so incredibly spectacular (am I the only one that finds Anthony LaPaglia not too hard on the eyes? [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/wink.gif[/img] ) then maybe I'd still be watching ER.

Last season, DH needed a new pair of glasses. He had had round-ish frames. I really liked the frames that Anthony LaPaglia was wearing LAST year on the show. So, I suggested to DH when he went to pick out glasses that perhaps he give that shape a try. He did, but in a metal frame rather than plastic, and they look fab and his face shape is very different than LaPaglia's. I notice this season he's not wearing them on the show and I was almost going to write to say that I liked him with the glasses. I also like the blonde. I think I like all of the cast actually. It's fresh and new and of course, that's going to be a bonus when competing with ER in what, it's tenth season or more? And yet, I still find NYPD Blue the show to watch on Tuesday nights so go figure.

Best wishes! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]


On Dec 13, 2003

I watch ER on Thursdays I like the show. I have never heard of Without a Trace. Since we don't have cable or satellite I have to use my bunny ears to tune in the channels, and ER comes in clear!!

I finally broke down and agreed to satellite which will be hooked up on Thursday, only on ONE TV though ..... for now!!

On Apr 4, 2007

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