Epipens vs. Twinject

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Out of curiosity, how many of you carry an epi pen and how many carry a Twinject? I've been pa my whole life, and have always carried an epi. I have a severe allergy, and have always wondered whether or not I should have the Twinject. The allergist has never mentioned it to me. Any input?

On May 16, 2007

I carry the epi-pen because that's what my insurance pays for.

I prefer the epi-pen for my son because that's what the staff at his school is accustomed to.

On May 16, 2007

DD and I are thinking about the Twinject. It is a bit thinner then the Epi and does have a bit more helpful color coding as to how to use it.

The rep was at the recent FAAN conference and it is really not that different to use then the Epi - actually a bit easier for the first dose.

On May 16, 2007

DS carries two epi-pens.

On May 16, 2007

our CPR instuctor showed us his Twin-inject while he was explaining the Epi to us(we had a class at our home for family). I had never seen one, but he prefered having the main shot and the little back up 2nd shot himself. I got a coupon for a free twin-inject(got on their web site I think)....I should turn it in just to check the thing out. They seem very similar though.

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On May 17, 2007

We have epi pens.

The dr gave me a twinject trainer. while I feel I could handle it, it seemed more complicated to explain than epi pen when training someone.

On May 17, 2007

When I spoke to the principal at my son's school she said they would use only the first shot of the twin-ject, so they still want two at the school. I'm OK about this. I live in a major city and the ambulance should be there before a second dose is needed anyway -- and he wears one epi-pen and has a second in the office. (Plus, I've discovered the school also has at least one that they provide.)

On May 17, 2007

We have both. I have no complaints about either Epipen or Twinject.


On May 18, 2007

School has Epipens (easier to train) and my son presently keeps one in his backpack.

I recently bought an Epipen belt carrier (single) but my son is thin in the waist and it really gets in the way right now. At least we'll have it for times when he goes to someone's house or someplace when he doesn't have his backpack. As he grows it will be less obvious.

However, I keep a Twinject in my purse since it is smaller. One twinject will fit in that single Epipen carrier. Recently, I had ds practice injecting a regular Epipen and a Twinject into an orange and I happened to notice that the needle for the Twinject was a smaller gage than the Epipen needle. This makes for a less painful injection. My son was able to follow the step by step instructions and he seemed to like it over the Epipen.

Hope this helps.